World-tour 2016

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My “Winter-training “ is over. Brasil and Australia were great and I again gained a lot of new skills and experience. The best part were the 2 months at home on Bonaire. Seeing all my friends again , sleep in my own bed, have my family around and off course train on my favourite spots: Sorobon and Lac Bai. I even had some great sessions at Red Slaves.

We had the Windmeet” King of Bonaire” event at which a lot of the top-riders competed, so very good to come back in the competition-spirit.

This year I will travel in and beyond Europe for 7 months to attend many competitions again. This takes a lot of preparations and funds… I’m thankful for having a family who supports me to realize my dreams in windsurfing. Also without my sponsors JP-Australia, Severne Sails, LSD-fins and Brunotti this would not be possible.

No windsurfing without the perfect gear.

I am especially thankfull this year for having Bonaire-support again. Some partners already supported me last year and I’m very happy to have new sponsors on board aswell.

Need a rental-car on Bonaire ? Go to

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For any and all of your banking-matters !! Your friendly-bank : 

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Want to stay on the best windsurfing spot on Bonaire ? Sorobon Beach Resort is the place to be !! Also organizer of the DefiCaribbean- and Sorobon Masters-event in June, 2016. More info :  

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If you want to buy a fabulous car ? Find : 

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A big thanks to all mentioned above for their support !!

My trip will start Wednesday, March 30st with a flight to Amsterdam to bring all the gear to my mobile-home. From there I will fly to Maui, Hawaii for the annual JP-Australia photoshoot. When I return to the Netherlands end of April, the first road-trip will start through Europe – PWA Freestyle Podersdorf, Neusiedlersee, Austria from May 4 -8, 2016.

Lots of known places are on the agenda but also new destinations, like Korea and Gran Canaria. ( see “Events). I will update my website after every event with all info and pictures. For daily news please follow me on FB and Instagram.


Best regards,

Amado Vrieswijk NB-20