Windmeet Freestyle Tour, Vincent Mellouet Memorial, June 27 & 28, 2015 > Lake Monteynard

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Schermafbeelding 2015-06-23 om 05.07.44

After the event in Marseille we drove some 3 hours North to the beautiful Lake du Monteynard . Unfortunately the wind did not follow us and we chilled, enjoyed the beautiful scenery and hang out with Julian Mas in his home-town.

On Friday June 26 we made camp at the Lake. The wind predictions were positive and we hoped for some action in the weekend to enjoy another Windmeet Freestyle Tour –event.

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Vincent Mellouet Memorial. Vincent Mellouet died on March 4th 2012 doing what he was living for – being out on the water windsurfing.

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The wind came but not enough for competition. We had a sup-race and some tow-in practice. I scored the highest move, Julian the best move and Paco the nicest crash 😉

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Although the event was not that big, we had a great time with all the French guys.

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On Sunday the Tow-in competition was held and I made it in first place with a double burner. Julian Mas became second with an Air Funnel Burner and Paco Mercader in 3rd with a burner.

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Maxime and I thank Julian and his family for the hospitality and everybody who was at the Lake for the good time. We’re off to Lake Garda at the moment where we will stay for 2 days before heading to my grandparents near the Chiemsee, Germany. On July 7 we will fly out to the Canaries for the EFPT Lanzarote and the PWA Grandslam on Fuerteventura. Thanks to Alexis Fernet for the great pictures, our sponsors and local organization at Lake Monteynard.

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