Waterz Hvide Sande, PWA Slalom Worldcup 9-14 sept. 2019

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Waterz Hvide Sande, PWA Slalom Worldcup 9-14 sept. 2019

It was big fun cruising around Germany, Italy and Switzerland for 3 weeks. Although I did not find the wind I needed to test some gear and train it was great to visit the different places.





But than it was time to get in the competition mood again . Time to pack the van and go up North. #wetsuittime .

By invitation I visited Hude am Dummersee for the Innogy Deutsche Meisterschaft Team und Jugend windsurfing. Great to see and meet so many motivated people of all ages. Thanks to all for the hospitality and great experience.


After checking in at the accommodation in Hvide Sande on September 8th, it was time to rig my slalom-gear. I took it all as one never nows what Denmark had in store for this 4th PWA Slalom Worldcup of 2019. 

The first day was windless, so a relaxed registration and catching up with everybody.




57 men and 23 women registered and we all enjoyed this sunny day.

On Day  2 we had 10-20 knots of wind and 2 eliminations were raced. In both I could reach the quarter finals but in one 1 just missed out in a 5th place and in the second I crashed at last mark.

I was on JP-Australia Slalom 85/71 and Severne Sails Mach2 8.6/7.8 .



Day 3 was another story. Wet, wild and windy Wednesday . Rain and 40 knots plus wind and almost no visibility. Time to set up my Severne Sails Mach2 6.2 together with the JP-Australia 62 liter board and ready for action. 



In elimination 3 I won heat 5 but made a bad crash in the quarterfinal.

In Elimination 4 though I could reach the semifinal and just missed out again in a 5th spot after a great battle. A 14th place.  

It appeared 5 riders were injured during this extreme conditions. It was hard work that day but also lots of fun.


Day 4  was in contrast with the day before. 10-18 knots and flat water. For me time to step up and score some points in Elimination 5 and 6 . In both i reached the runners-up final and could score a for me solid 13th and 14th place. 

HV19_sl_Amado 1


Day 5 was one to remember as I jumped the gun (over early at the startling) in the quarterfinal of El. 7 but made it all up in Elimination 8 to reach the winners final and raced at my very best and earned a 2nd place. That felt really good. See final via the link below


Final El8 Hvide Sande



The the last day on saturday September 15th it was a bummer I got knocked over by a colleague and missed out on the semifinals. Not the way to end this epic event but still very happy to score a 20st place and for now a overall 19th place on the slalom-tour. 

A big thanks to the organisation , PWA-crew and Ben Proffitt for his live-stream commentary.

Without the excellent gear and support of my sponsors this all could not be realised so MASHA DANKI to all.

At the moment in Klittmoller for the iFCA Wave Europeans and preparation for the PWA Grandslam on Sylt later this month.

Stay updated via my social media (see below) and thanks for tuning in on my website.


Cheers from cold Denmark