Ulsan PWA Worldcup, South Korea May 19-24

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PWA Slalom Worldcup, Ulsan – South Korea

We had a relaxed trip from Tokio to Busan as all the gear was shipped to our next event in South Korea by sea-container. With only a 2 hour flight and a perfect pick-up at the airport we arrived in Ulsan / JinHa-beach on May 16th late. 

2 days of rest and wait for the gear to arrive, It all came on time and everything was perfectly organised. Taty and I shared again a tent on the beach and we could prepare our gear and get ready for the 2nd slalom event of the season. 


Registration took place on May 19th, the wind was up and the 1st elimination was ON !!




With the perfect gear, focus and wind conditions I could reach the winners-final by finishing 3rd in Heat 11 of Elimination 1.

In the final though, my fin caught some of the many weed in the water and slowed me down right on the start-line. Happy though and a good start of the event.


On day 2 In the second elimination I reached the runners-up-final and ended in 14th place. Overall on a 8th place, my best result ever.

With the wind picking up a 3rd elimination was started right away and this time a crash ended my 3rd chance to end in a top 16 position. With winds gusting over 30 knots I was eager to do better again in the 4th elimination. 


A bit overpowered as the windreading were up to 40 knots I was really stoked to end Day-2 again in a runner up-final which would be sailed the next day. It was a hard and exhausting day. Time for food and a good night sleep.


Day-3 Started with light wind, but around noon it picked up and we could finish elimination 4. Very important to finalize this elimination as a discard will come into place and could strikethrough my less fortunate Elimination 3. The runnersupfinal : great start, in a second position and went down at the third mark. a 14th place. Overall in a 13th position still and hoped for some more races to come. The many seaweed in the water ruined the rest of the day and further racing for the day was cancelled. 

Day-4 It was waiting for the wind all day long, but it did not show up.


Day-5 Started windless but in the late afternoon the wind picked up and Foiling van ON !!

I was in heat one, took the lead and finished first, but the judges decided that the wind was to patchy to have a fair result, so it got cancelled and we all looked forward to the final event-day.

Day-6 It was foiling the whole day. 4 eliminations and it was great to foil in windy conditions ( up to 20 knots) 


Elimination 1 : a 2nd place in the semifinal and a 10th in the final

Elimination 2 : a 3rd  place in the semifinal and a FIRST in the final. In the clip , the final with comments of Ben Proffitt and myself.

Elimination 3 : a 2nd place in the semifinal and a disappointing 12th in the final

Elimination 4 : a 2nd place in the semifinal and a 3rd in the final.


With 1 discard after 4 rounds it brought me to a 4th overall event-position, only 0.7 points from 3rd. . Close call to be on the podium in a slalom/foil event, but very happy and for sure improving. 

Gear used during the vent :

The JP-Australia Hydrofoil 150 , JP-Australia Slalom 85/71,  Severne Sails Hyperglide 9.0 and Severne Sails Mach1 7.0/7.8/8.6 and 9.4,   Star-board-foil.

Result PWA Worldcup Korea 2018

Slalom : 13th place

Foil      :  4th place

PWA Overall after 2 events :

Slalom  : 16th place

Foil       : 5th place

It is back to Europe again and preparing my home on wheels for the next 2 events on the schedule: PWA Slalom/Foil Costa Brava, Spain and the new destination on the Tour, Portugal.

Congratulations to all winners at JinHa-beach ! Thanks to the PWA- and local-crew, my sponsors, my family and all the fans.


Amado NB-20


Bonaire Sponsors :

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