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After the EFPT-event on Lanzarote our journey continued on July 14th to Fuerteventura. A 1 hour ferry-trip took us to our next destination. With the cooperation of Papagayo Bike Rental-company we arrived with all our gear at Costa Calma, Sotavento … Continued

European Freestyle Pro Tour, Lanzarote July 8-12, 2015

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From Lac du Monteynard we drove to Lake Garda for 2 days and onward to my grandparents in the South of Germany. Maxime and I visited the JP-Australia office in Kirchdorf in Austria, relaxed a bit and repacked all the … Continued

Saint Barth Fun Cup 2015

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The first event of 2015, the first time I travelled to Saint Barth !! Ready for again a new challenge and adventure. Because of the small aircrafts, our bags already flew a few days ahead via Curacao to ST. Maarten and Taty, Aron, Oscar, Petra, myself and Marc van Swoll, our Younieq Experience Photographer left Bonaire on tuesday January 28th.

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