PWA Super Grandslam Sylt, Germany Sept. 24th – Oct 4th, 2015

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After a relaxing week in Klittmoller, Denmark where we rented a house to stay warm, have a real bathroom , a washing machine and could train for the last PWA-event of 2015 we drove to Blavand, (also in Denmark). There … Continued

IFCA WATERZ Freestyle/Wave Worldchampionship, Denmark Sept. 6-12,2015

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On September 2nd, after spending a week with our good friend Aldair Soliano in Rotterdam and visiting several places in The Netherlands it was time for our next event. This time not in the sunny south, but toward the cold, … Continued

Pegasus Airlines , PWA Slalom Worldcup, Alacati/Turkey Aug. 17-22, 2015

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Event number 14 in 2015 was in Alacati, Turkey. The PWA Pegasus-Airlines Worldcup Slalom from August 17-22. We flew from Munich to Izmir and transportation to the coast was very well organised. Unfortunately the wind-forecast for the event-week wasn’t that positive … Continued

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