SOSH Freestyle Cup, Plage Borely, Marseille

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On Tuesday June 16 we drove from Roses, Costa Brava to Marseille. On our way Maxime and I made a stop in windy Leucate. 40knots of wind and too eager to hit the water so we forgot to take pictures. Great action we’ve had !!

Leucate to Plage Borely, Marseille was a 3 hour drive. We got lost at the end as a bridge which was too low for our van was on our route according the GPS . It kept us sending there, but in the end we found the right spot. It was great to see Ruben Petrisie, Sarah-Quita Offringa and all the French guys again. We found a spot near their hotel and explored the event site.

Schermafbeelding 2015-06-22 om 19.37.17

Plage Borely is a great spot. Nice beach, a huge ferris wheel, lots of nice restaurants and terasses. For sure a place to visit once you’re in the neighbourhood.

Wednesday and Thursday we did some tow-in with the whole group as the wind was to light. It was fun but I prefer the 40 knots of wind we had in Leucate.  My wish came true on Friday June 3rd. I spend almost 6  hours on the water and totally loved it. It felt good to be on my freestyle gear again after 2 slalom-events.

sos1                                           sos4

Saturday was the first day of the 2-day event of the Sosh Freestyle Cup/ Windmeet Freestyle tour. Besides freestyle windsurfing there was a kite-, skateboard- and BMX-competition aswell on the event site.


At 1500 the wind kicked in and the Dingle-elimination started. Special about this event was that there was a live-scoring via the internet. Everybody online can see which moves have been executed and the score for every move. This is something new and hopefully will be used in more events in the near future as it is great for audience on site and all over the world via the internet.( especially when live-streaming also is available)

h19 h23

All went very well , for the first time I had to compete against a girl, but not just a girl it was Lady Sarah-Quita ( 6 times Wolrdchampion PWA Women ). As she wrote on her blog, I destroyed her with a Airkabikuchi, haha ( sorry Sarah) Maxime also had to compete amoungst the guys. She did very well.

Schermafbeelding 2015-06-21 om 06.19.51




Schermafbeelding 2015-06-21 om 06.14.26

Schermafbeelding 2015-06-21 om 06.20.16At 2100 Hrs the elimination was completed and I raced the final against Nicolas Akgazcian. The score wasn’t updated and the winner would be announced on Sunday.


At night there was a lot of entertainement/ Music Festival and we enjoyed every minute.

sosh 22

Schermafbeelding 2015-06-22 om 19.36.06

Sunday morning, no wind and no competition possible.

I was super happy to win the event here in Marseille. Nicolas Akgazcian became second and Anthony Ruenes third.

Schermafbeelding 2015-06-22 om 05.35.28

MAXIME     Ladies : Sarah-Quita 1st and Maxime 2nd.


Another great experience in the pocket and we will follow the Frenchmen to their next event near Grenoble on Lake Monteynard for another Windmeet Freestyle event on June 27 & 28 before heading to : Italy >  Lake Garda.

Thanks to the event-organisers, AF-photographie/421 Sport for the pictures,  windsurf-collegues and sponsors,

I wil be back in Marseille, Plage Borely for sure.



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