Saint Barth Fun Cup 2015

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The first event of 2015, the first time I travelled to Saint Barth !! Ready for again a new challenge and adventure. Because of the small aircrafts, our bags already flew a few days ahead via Curacao to ST. Maarten and Taty, Aron, Oscar, Petra, myself and Marc van Swoll, our Younieq Experience Photographer left Bonaire on tuesday January 28th.


Once arrived on ST Maarten we took the 45 minute boattrip to Saint Barth. A truck took care of our boardbags and we could go to our accomodation.



All was very well organised The opening-night was held in a building near the harbour. It was fun to see a lot of familiar and also new faces. A minus was that all that was said was in French, a language I don’t know .


We already new that the first 3 days of the event were windless but all kind of activities were organised to keep everybody busy and active. After the registration, ( although I could race in the youth-devision I registred in the PRO-division as I already competed in PWA-events),we prepared our equipment on the beach and had lots of fun and laughter with volleyball and SUP-races.


Saturday night, off to bed real early as the next day wind was expected to be perfect for racing. As soon as the sun rised sunday morning I went to the beach to prepare my equipment and made a test-session together with Aron Etmon. My first slalom-race on a JP-Australia Slalom 66.


Together with the JP-Slalom 123 L , I used the Severne Reflex5 8.6 ( unfortunately my Reflex6 shipment did not arrive on time) and the Zfin42.5. We raced a total of 4 heats. It was great to start with 90+ competitiors on one starting-line. The course was on open sea, wind 18-20 knots, the water was choppy and the buyons were far from eachother. I think it was more a long distance-race. On the way out I was a bit overpowered, but on the way in my equipment was perfect and it felt amazing flying low between the big names going full speed.


Schermafbeelding 2015-02-03 om 12.10.48

Good feeling to end in the TOP 10 of this comeptition. Super happy with my 8th place overall. Ofcourse a huge CONGRATS to my training-partner Taty Frans winning the event and Aron for winning the Youth-division. Once again Bonaire in the picture with windsurf-success.


Thanks to the perfect organisation. This was my first time competing in the Saint Barth Fun Cup, but for sure won’t be the last. Petra, thanks for taking care of me, haha and Marc van Swoll/Younieq Experience for the great pictures you’ve made. Last but not least, all of this was not possible without my sponsors Severne Sails and JP-Australia.

Back home, back to train Freestyle. Aruba-training coming-up and hopefully I can make a great video there .

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