PWA Worldcup Ulsan, Korea, May 19-24

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After some days of good training om my new boards and sails in the Netherlands at the Gouwzee and participating in the first stop of the Dutch Championships, where I ended in 2nd place I felt ready for SLALOM-COMPETITION !! .


Taty Frans and I travelled from Amsterdam via Osaka to Busan in the south of South Korea.

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The trip went ok although we had some troubles with Korea Air about loading our equipment-bags (6 pieces). After we paid some extra fee, all was settled for the last stretch. Upon arrival everything went smooth with the transfer and we arrived on JinHa-beach safe and sound. For me this was the first time traveling to Azia and it was very interesting.



The extra day we had before the competition was well spent with recovering from the jet leg, and on the first day of the competition unfortunately we had no wind so all our equipment was well prepared and ready for the action. The registration took place and at night the openings-ceremony in Korean-style.



Day2 / May20st ,
The wind remained light, but the organization would give it a go at 18.00. Wind-readings 7-11 knots. I was on the biggest gear which I had with me.
JP-Slalom 82, Severne Refelx7 8.6m and 44cm fin.
I was in Heat #4 and had a really good start , the jibes went perfect, ended in 2nd place. Next Heat #8. Again a good start but once near the first mark, the buyon started to drift away and before the course was set again it was to dark to race. An early night-sleep and ready for the next day.

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K16_sl_Amado_Vrieswijck kopie

Day 3/ May21st.
Skippersmeeting was at 8.30 , but wind was to light again to start. After lunch-time it picked up from 11-15 knots and Heat #8 was a go.
*14:40 Result Heat 8 – 1st Isaac 2nd Vrieswijk 3rd Algret 4th Langer.

Happy that I could advance again and with my performance in these light wind conditions .
Next up :Heat #12 for a place in the semifinal :

*15:09 Heat 12 is now sailing – Moussilmani leads ahead of Vrieswijk and Albeau – wind looks light.5:11 Top 4 remains unchanged and Albeau has extended the gap between him and fifth place. Cedric Bordes is saying the wind is extremely light or in his words: “It’s not windy.”
15:12 Result Heat 12 – 1st Moussilmani 2nd Vrieswijk 3rd Allen 4th Albeau

Reached the TOP 16 , and super happy with that. I did not expect to come this far in this event and especially not with all other riders are on much bigger gear. I was ready to give it all for a winners-final spot in Heat #14. I was in a qualifying spot, but the wind let us down and the heat got cancelled. Short after that the Z-flag went up and another day was over.


Day4/ May 22nd.
This day started again with a glassy sea, but forecast showed wind for later that day and the action started again at 13.30.
Heat #14, my heat was the first and while heading to the start-area, my mast broke. While changing my mast the heat started and I missed it, but got lucky the heat got cancelled due to the light wind on the course. Pfffft. Lucky me.

In between the Restart of my Heat , the ladies raced their finals and Lena Erdal TUR-33 won.
At 14.22 it was my turn again together with the big names as Albeau , Moussilimani and Williams.
I had a good start, in third position at the first mark and gone was the wind by the big sails on the upwind side of me. I pumped and felt back into last place but could fight back at the 3rd mark by jibing around Albeau and got away in full speed and in a qualifying position. After rounding the last mark and with Albeau on my tail , my fin caught some seaweed and it “dragged” me downwind. Albeau took the 4th and qualifying spot for the winners final only by a meter or so. At that moment ..frustrating.. but good racing and satisfied to be in the losers-final.

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In the losers final I messed up and flew of the board in superman-style, like Taty Frans said (see interview) as he was in third position in the same heat. Ended in 8th place, therefore in 16th place overall in the first elimination. Did not expect this result at all, so super happy and very positive !!

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Winner by the men : Matteo Iachino ITA -140. Right after the final, the second elimination was started up until heat 7, when the conditions were to light and all riders were released.

Day5/ May 23rd.
No wind, a layday. Ben Proffitt caught up with some riders, Taty and myself about the incidents, upsets and more in a nice interview. Go there via the link below.



Click on the link for full interview : Interview with Ben Proffitt @ 31.10 min #Islandboys

Day6/ May24th.
The last day and the Birthday of my travel buddy, mentor and friend Taty. Some heats were sailed, cancelled, resailed and abandoned again due to the very bad wind conditions. The course was set far out on sea and it was raining from time to time. It was a long day waiting for a start.


#stay active and positive 😉 #liveticker

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Results first PWA Slalom-event 2016 (out of 57 competitors)

In the evening we had a nice dinner and the award ceremony.


It was a fun week, gained a lot of experience again although we did not sail that much. I was really happy with my new JP Slalom-boards and  Severne Reflex7 sails. I’m sure with a bit more wind I’ll be flying on this equipment.  At the moment we’re in Osaka for a 16 Hour layover and will continue our journey to The Netherlands tomorrow.

Next on the program:  Surf’in 2016 at the Kraaijenbergse-plassen (surf-festival) and from June 7-12 I’ll be at the Costa Brava for the next PWA slalom-event. Back on the road, back into the mobile home.

Thanks to the Ulsan event-organization. I really had a good time and all was very well organized. Thanks to the PWA-crew, see you all in Spain and thanks to my sponsors, family and friends for the support.

친애하는 or Best Regards,


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