PWA Worldcup Slalom, Hvide Sande in Denmark Sept 9-14, 2017 (Waterz)

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Up North !!

It took me 1 night driving from The Netherlands to Denmark. On the road again with good music and avoiding heavy traffic. ( especially near Hamburg ) . I arrived 2 days before the start of the event to get into the slalom-rhythm again and catching up with the colleagues.

In between the slalom-training I of rigged my freestyle gear as well and had some nice sessions with Sarah Quita, Brunotti-teammate and Freestyle-queen from Aruba, Aron Etmon from Bonaire and Milan Gielingh from Curacao.



I brought all my slalom-gear as Denmark can be pretty unpredictable and so it was !! Below my event-summary and again happy with the result !!


The skippers meeting was held on September 9th and the first elimination was ON right away…. but the wind left us waiting on the shore the whole day.

Day-2 was excellent. We sailed from 11.00 am until 17.30 and could run 2.5 elimination. I was in good form and could reach the semi-finals in both the first and the second elimination that first day of the competition. Twice a 15th place , a good start ! Used Severne Reflex8 8.6 and JP-Slalom 85.



Day-3 Brought good wind but unfortunately also lots of weed on the course area. Some riders went out for some freesailing and some rocket air’s on the slalom-gear. I was in and had a real good time with the guys.






I took the opportunity as well to go out on my freestyle-equipment again. When there is wind, weed or no weed, can’t stay on the shore 😉 .

Day-4 meant business again. First the remainder of Elimination 3 had to be raced and for me it ended in the quarterfinal on a 6th place due to a crash at the 3rd mark. In elimination 4 I could reach the quarterfinal again but came a few meters short at the finish line and ended in a 5th place.

Overall after 4 eliminations on a 19th place. Not fantastic, but also not bad.

Elimination 5 was a bummer. Early exit in heat 7, dropped my gibe and missed out the chance to advance.

Waking up on Day-5 for the early skippers meeting at 9 am I already new this would be THE day. Wind was cranking outside my van. Good breakfast and out into the storm. With 25+ knots on the course, the remainder of elimination 5 was held and right away the start of number 6. Ready with my small Slalom 60 and 6.2 sail I went out. Heat 1, first place – Heat 5, 2nd place – Heat 9 in the quarter out on a 7th .



Before the storm would pass the organization started the Elimination 7 right away. Lucky 7 ?? Made it into the semifinal, but right after the wind dropped completely as the weather front had passed and took all the wind away. BUMMER and we went “home” for a hot shower and all hopes up  this elimination could be finished on the last day as this would mean a small, but step up for my event-result.

The last day started with no wind and the water was a mirror. A lot of fingers were crossed for the wind to kick in as the forecast had promised. And the wind came, slowly but at around 3pm it was enough to  finalize elimination 7 and the event.

My semifinal went awesome until the last mark, crashing my gibe and losing my qualifying spot for the last final of the event. A 7th place in the semi-final and a 7th place in the runners-up final .

Event result : 22nd place

Overall 2017 after 4 slalom events and 2 more to come : 24th place (1st in Youth)



Getting there in slalom, but have to improve my gibes as the speed is there for sure.

A huge congrats to Antoin Albeau and Sarah Quita for winning the event here in Hvide Sande !!

A huge thanks to the Waterz/ Hvide Sande and PWA crew for the great event. My sponsors for believing and investing in me. Masha danki to my family for the support 24 hours a day !! Pictures made by John Carter and Ilostawavein79 .

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For me it’s back to The Netherlands again with a possible event in Makkum this weekend and at the Brouwersdam next weekend before driving back up to Sylt for the PWA Super Grandslam from September 29 until October 8 ( the 2nd but also last Freestyle event of 2017, the penultimate Slalom- and foil competition.)21640255_1598234280233051_1107957905_o



Cheers Amado



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