PWA Worldcup Slalom, Hvide Sande – Denmark Sept. 4-9, 2016

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After been traveling around for 4 months and due to the cancellation of the PWA Slalom-event in Turkey, I took the opportunity to fly back home to Bonaire to spend 3 great weeks with friends and family catching up and of course train on my favorite windsurfspot : Sorobon.


On August 25th it was time to continue the Worldtour with 2 more months on the schedule. First up was PWA Slalom Worldcup Hvide Sande, Denmark. Taty Frans and I prepared the camper and headed to Northern Europe. A 900 km drive, but after Costa Brava earlier this year, peanuts.

Before the PWA-event started we attended the Waterz-event and could demonstrate our freestyle skills for the youth from Denmark. Also a long-distance slalom race was organized.



Hvide sande info:



On Sunday September 4th the PWA-openings-ceremony and skippers meeting was held and we started with the first elimination right away. It was a dark, rainy but windy day and we could finish a complete elimination.




I was happy with my sailing , all went very well on my JP-Australia Slalom 82 and Severne Sails Reflex7 8.6. Wind-readings were between 9 and 15 knots and I could reach the quarter-final. From there the guys were to fast for me.

On day 2 we had clear skies, sun and no wind. But with the Kabel-park right beside the eventsite and some jetski’s in the harbor we had an active day. It was nice to give a freestyle tow-in show in the Harbour together with Taty Frans and Davy Scheffers.



Tuesday September 6th, Dia di Bonaire. Bonaire Flag Day !!14289805_934412969998638_7413371144728242473_o

The day started with the skippers meeting at 9am and from there races were held until 7pm. Elimination 2 was a go. I again had good starts and could reach the quarter final again.


In the 2nd round of elimination 3 , the wind conditions were light and tricky and could not get back planing quickly enough after rounding the 1st buoy and lost my qualifying position to advance again.
Soon after my heat , other heats started, got cancelled and resailed again until the wind died completely for the day.

Wednesday was another layday, but it was sunny so it was nice to laugh and chat with all other riders about the equipment, and all kinds of stuff. Also on the penultimate day the wind did not show up but got active with a foil-fin. Planing in 4-5 knots is impressive and I defenitely will train foiling more often when wind is light.  I already ordered a Loke-foil and hope to receive it in La Torche in oktober.  Will this be the future of light wind slalom-racing ?? We’ll see.


Friday and last day of the event the waiting game kept on. Around 1500 the wind picked up and we were on standby but the conditions never reached the 9+ knots.
A huge congrats to Sarah Quita Offringa,  winner of the event and overall Women Slalom Champion 2016 . In the men’s Matteo Iachino was the event-winner but the men have still two more events to go this season.
Myself ended on a 28th place/ 1st in Youth. I’m quite satisfied with the result , can say I’m improving and feel more confident between the big guys in the races.

A huge thanks to Dennis Breum for having me and Taty at his home with the campervan, to the PWA- , Waterz-crew and the local organizers and all sponsors. I hope this event will return again to Hvide Sande in 2017 !!

Tak og se dig næste år

I will stay in Denmark and drive up to Klittmoller to train and prepare for the next event on the schedule :

PWA Grandslam Worldcup Sylt !! September 30st – October 9th.


Amado NB-20