PWA Worldcup Slalom, Catalunya -Roses, Spain May 23-28th, 2017

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For the 3rd year and after driving 1300 km Taty Frans and I arrived in Roses at the Costa Brava.
Camping La Ballena Allegre was our home for the week. Right after parking the van, we unpacked ,rigged our gear to check out the conditions. With the little wind I decided to go on the foil .


The next day I had a good trainingssession and prepared the rest of my gear.


Theislandboyz ready !!

May 23rd Registration was done and the elimination 1 was a GO !
With wind conditions right on the edge the heats started, got cancelled and started again. After 3 resails of my heat number #2 , in which I everytime was in a qualifying position, the slalom was called of and we switched to foiling.


In the Foiling Exhibition-race, 24 competitors were registered. 2 semifinals of each 12 sailors and the first 6 riders could race a final . 2 eliminations were done and in both I could race the final. In joined 7th place on day 1

May 24th
It was a long morning waiting for suitable conditions as at 14.00 the organization decided to run some foil races again. I’m happy I invested in the Lokefoil-Fin and can be active on the water when there is little wind.

In elimation 3 I ended in a 5th place ready for another final, but the heat did not count as some riders got stuck or crashed at a sandbank within the course. After the course was adjusted the resail did not go that good and ended in a 19th place in Elimination 3. For the 4th elimination they decided to try a all 24 riders start and crossed the finish line in a 11th place.

May 25th. At around 14.15 we could start elimination 1. Heat 2 was mine and ended in a 4th place, in the next heat I scored a 3rd place and advanced into the quarter finals, but went down in a 5th position at the 2nd mark and lost my chance for a place in the semifinal.


May 26th and day 4 here at Costa Brava.
The day started again with foiling and Elimination 5 gave a 8th place. Overall in a 10th position.

Luckily the wind picked up around 13.00 and the slalom-races could continue but only for an hour as a thick layer of clouds made the wind gusty and unsuitable for competiton. Even another foil-race was abandoned as the wind was gone for the day.

18700492_10155571635305166_7930315626081101615_o Always checking the wind-conditions 😉

May 27th
The forecast for this saturday and penultimate day of the competition looked good ! Action on the beach !!

4 eliminations were completed, and could score my best results ever in a PWA Slalom competition.
Elimination 2 ended in the losers-final – Result 14th place
Elimination 3 ended in the losers-final – Result 10th place
Elimination 4 ended in the losers-final – Result 13th place
With at that moment overall on a 13th place , it was really much more than I had expected. Felt good !!


Elimination 5 was a bit of a bummer as I had to avoid 2 crashing riders in front of me and was out in the quarter.

As the wind kept on blowing a 6th elimination was started but up to heat number 4.
I was in a very heavy heat number 5 to go first on the last day of the competition and went to sleep right after dinner.
Great words by PWA in Report Day-5 : Bonairean – Amado Vrieswijk (JP / Severne) – who is the freestyle vice-world champion – also enjoyed a fine day as he qualified for three semifinals to show he also possesses some serious skills on the race course. The 21-year-old recorded his first top 10 in a single race – Race 3.

Last – and cherry on the cake-day !!
Around noon we continued Elimination 6 and my heat 5 was up first. I had a good start but in a 5th position until I rounded the last buoy with a perfect gibe and could overtake Bouman to finish in 4th for the quarterfinal.
In the quarterfinal, the wind wasn’t that super but could finish in a 2nd place. Top as I could sail another semifinal.
The semifinal was a battle and a bit of luck. On our way to the last buoy I was fighting for a 4th place as Quentel in 3rd position crashed. I could take the 3rd place and earned myself a first time WINNERSFINAL !!

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-28 om 13.06.27

In the winners final I got sandwiched at the start and lost my speed but could finish Elimination 6 in a super 7th place. My best result ever in a PWA-Slalom event. What a good feeling.
With the 6th elimination the event wasn’t over yet as for a 2nd discard a 7th elimination had to be run. And it started immediately.
Again I could reach the semifinals but ended heat 13 in a fifth place.
Elimination 7 ended in the losers final – Result 15th place.

Elimination 8 which ended for me in the quarterfinal could not be finished. The wind was gone just when the finals had to be raced. The finalist received average points so elimination 8 counted for the result.

Overall result PWA Slalom Costa Brava 2017 15th place and over the moon with this result (62 riders)
Overall result PWA Foil Exhibition Costa Brava 2017 10th place (24 riders)
Overall ranking 2017 after 2 events : 28th place.

Comment PWA Day-6

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-29 om 10.24.18
Gear used this event :
JP-Hydrofoil 135 and JP-Slalom 85
Severne Reflex8 7.8 ,8.6 and 9.4
Lokefoil – 42 cm slalomfin

Conrgrats to the top 3 : 1. Antoin Albeau, 2. Pierre Mortefon and Pascale Toselli in 3rd.

A big thanks to my sponsors for supplying me with the best gear and making this Worldtour possible , Camping La Ballena Allegre for the hospitality and the PWA-crew for the amazing job to run so many eliminations in the last 2 days. Again a huge thanks to my family & friends for the support when “on the road” and during the events.


Schermafbeelding 2017-05-29 om 17.31.06 Schermafbeelding 2017-05-29 om 17.29.21

For now Back in The Netherlands to catch every windy moment to pass the time before the next event.
“The Round of Texel” in The Netherlands on June 10th. (longdistance windsurfing around the Dutch island of Texel).

Right after I will fly back home to Bonaire for a month.
On Bonaire the Defiwind Caribbean , Dunkerbeck Speedchallenge and Sorobon Masters will be held from June 17th-25th. Due to the new PWA rule for top 12 freestylers, I did not get an entry for the EFPT Lanzarote so I extended my stay at home until July 8th and prepare for the PWA Freestyle and slalom-event on Fuerteventura July 21-31

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Cheers  Amado NB-20                                                                                                                   Words I live by !!