PWA Fuerteventura, July 2013

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Hi friends, family and sponsors,

Better late than never……. Here my Fuerteventura-report.

This July it was the 3rd year I travelled to Fuerteventua to attend the PWA Worldcup at Sotavento.  I already set my goal for 2013 in Podersdorf earlier in April with ending in the Top 10, but it made me eager to continue my  way up in the ranking. Knowing that the conditions in Fuerteventura can be very difficult I was very happy we, Team Bonaire arrived a week before the start of the event, to train and feel confortable with the strong and gusty spanish winds.


I was ready , full power and equipped with my Starboard Flare 91 and Freek(s) from Severne Sails. Thanks Ben Severne for bringing me some 2014 Freeks !!


Than the excitement started on July 21st.

Single elemination 1 :

Heat 5 against  Lufen  (G2626) went clean and easy and advanced against

Heat 13 Scheffers (H311) .  I set aside some upcoming nerves and landed a    kabikuchi, a smooth skopu and an air flaka360 and again I could advance to the next round against my Severne Team-mate Dieter Van Der Eyken. With only a small difference in points Dieter advanced .  I could end this first single on the 9th place.

On day 3 we started the first double elemination, I felt confident, well prepared and fit to score my very best. Unfortunately the wind was gusty and not suitable for competition sailing.  After waiting till 16.00 finally the heats started. My first heat was 40 at 18.25 against Beholz (G888). I was able to perform a culo, skopu, ponch, kabikuchi and a toad. The end of the day felt great, I advanced !


On day 4 the winds picked up just before noon and my next heat was against the Frenchman Julien Mas (F07) and believe it or not I advance against Taty Frans. Ok, I thought, this it it fort his second elimination and went into the heat against Taty very relaxed but still focussed on my moves and with just a slight difference in variety of moves I could beat our local hero for the first time. I lost against Anthony Ruenes and could end the first round in 7th place. Waw, not bad !!

With Taty Frans

Day 5, and the start of a new and second single-elemination. It was already windy very early and the first heats were raced at 10.33.  My first heat was at 12.03 against  Andrea Lachauer (G171). I had a good night sleep so was fullpower on the water. I was able to make a kono, culo, skopu, a ponch360 and a big air flaka. I advanced against Soltysiak (CAN9). In this heat my opponent was stronger and I could not beat him with my perfect skopu and big forward. For me this round was over , but it felt good.

Day 6,  and another double elemination coming up. At 12.39 it was my turn again against Davy Scheffers, than Beholz in heat 38. After a little confusion I managed to advance once more and my last heat in this worldcup was against Dieter Van Der Eyken.

I ended  in 7th place in Fuerteventura and I’m very stoked about that. Overall after 2 events in 8th place.

I’ve learned to prepare, to focus and to leave the nerves on the beach during competitiontime.


Besides a super result at the competition, I had a great time with Team Bonaire , with room- and teammate Dieter and all the other competitors . I’m looking forward to the next event in The Netherlands. DAM7 PWA from September 8th-14th. Now off to Aruba to do some training and support Kiri Thode with his drag-races.

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A huge THANKS to my sponsors Starboard , Severne Sails, Caribbean Homes & Yachts and family.

Without you guys this would not be possible.


See you all somewhere near or on the water soon !!


Amado Vrieswijk