PWA Worldcup Bonaire

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June 20 -24th , 2014

Great to have the PWA back on Bonaire, my hometown and the best place in the world for Freestyle windsurfing. A lot of pro’s already spent a lot of time training here on Sorobon in the past months so all were ready for the first PWA challenge of the year 2014.


On Friday the 20th, registration took place and after months of perfect wind , this friday the wind was to light to start the competition, but nobody was worried because the forcast was promising.


With the skippersmeeting at 9am and good wind the first single elimination started. My first heat against Van Ingen (H122 ) went perfect. I could land a shaka diablo, culo, air bob and an air funnel into funnel. I advanced to heat 17, a challenge against Davy Scheffers ( H-311) and could advance again after a very close heat. Next up was Steven van Broeckhoven (B-72). The double culo, kabikuchi ,air bob spock and all my other moves were not enough to beat my opponent and I ended the first single in a joint 5th place.


I was very happy with that result, a good start of the event as I suffered from a food-poisoning this day and was feeling a little weak.


The first double-elimination on this windy and sunny sunday here on Bonaire. The first heat started at 9.30. My first heat was at 14.48. Had a good warming up and had to compete against nobody less than Taty Frans (NB-9) . I felt good and powered up after yesterday. All my moves went great, the live-ticker was speaking of a “storming heat”.

Happy with the result, on to the next heat against 5-times Wolrd Champ Gollito Estredo (V-10)


The tension was starting to built up. Read the live-ticker info in the picture :

Schermafbeelding 2014-06-25 om 09.06.37

And again I advanced, now against my Starboard/Severne team-mate and friend Dieter van der Eyken (B35). That felt strange. The heat went smooth, the wind was good and it was close. Only because of Dieter missing a move I advanced for the third time in a row to the heat a lot of people, especially photographer Mr. Marcus Seidler, waited for, for a long time. Youp Smit (NB-12 ) vs Amado Vrieswijk. A bit out of breath after 3 challenging heats Youp was the stronger one and ended my double elimination again in fifth place.



Second single-elimination, wind was howling and I was ready to do my very best. Looking back I wasn’t prepared for all the excitement what was going to happen.

But this was going to be a day I will never forget.

My first heat started at 11.44 against van Ingen (H-122 ) , next heat 19a I met Taty Frans again, after that one heat 22a . I could take revenche against Youp Smit.


But than the moment came !!! I had to compete against my best friend and Worldchampion 2013 Kiri Thode (NB-61)!! Can’t tell what happened, please read the live ticker and watch the heat on video.

Schermafbeelding 2014-06-25 om 10.56.44





I could not believe it, I defeated Kiri and could race my first final ever in a PWA-event.


Can you imagine how stoked, happy and a lot of things more I was ???

My oponent in the final was 5 times Wolrdchampion Gollito Estredo. The pressure was high and this final did not go that very well, but my day could not get any better ending in 2nd place in the second single elimination of the PWA Bonaire 2014. My 10th PWA-event since 2011. SUPER HAPPY !!! What a day !!!




Heats again started at 9.30 sharp but had a long day of waiting before me as my first heat was heat 50. Who would become my oponent ?? It was Kiri Thode. We started our heat at 16.35. The wind wasn’t that strong as the day before and my moves were not that powerfull but was able to land air bob, big cono and a double culo. Kiri was the better one this time and he deserved to sail the final against Gollito Estredo.

This ment that I ended in third place, with the same points as Tonky Frans (NB-7)

After the final it was time for the sail off. The nerves were howling through my body, it was a matter of ON or NOT ON stage !! See the live-ticker report :

Schermafbeelding 2014-06-25 om 12.16.22


And the result came in : I defeated Tonky and became overall in third place.!!



Congratulations to the King Kiri Thode and the Queen Sarah-Quita Offringa (ARU-91)

Congratulations to Maaike Huverman NED108 (2nd) and Ariane Aukes H-131 (3rd)

Congratulations to Steven van Broeckhoven (2nd )



Team Severne/Starboard did great :

Maaike Huverman 2nd Women

Dieter van der Eyken 6th Men

Myself in 3rd place Men.



Thanks to my sponsors Starboard and Severne Sails , the gear is really great this year.

I was on my Severne Freek 2015 4.8/5.2 and Starboard Flare 91.


Also I would like to thank the PWA-crew, our local organisation, especially Elvis Martinus, the Bonaire sponsors , Marcus Seidler, John Carter ,Kuma Movie and Jan Wachtmeester for taking awesome pictures .

Sorobon Beach Resort for their hospitality and last but not least the cheering spectators on the beach and ofcourse my family.

Now of to Europe !! I will be leaving on the 29th of June for Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Check back soon for more news or have a look at my FB-page :

Cheers Amado