PWA Mondial du vent, Leucate – France

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After spending 7 days on Maui for the 2016 JP-photoshoot it was time for the long flight via LAX back to Amsterdam. Dieter, Jolanda and my aunt Pascale were so kind to pick me up at Schiphol. After sorting out all the gear Dieter and I headed via his home in Belgium to the South of France by van. With an overnight in Milau we arrived in Leucate on the 19th of April. Immediate action on the water was (for me) nessecary with the long flights and road trip behind me, and we hit the water right away. It was nice to see everybody again after the long winter-break.


PWA-riders and crew

lsd 1

 Team LSD-fins

 During the first 2 days we unfortunately had no wind .  A tow-in competition was organized. 12 out of 24 riders advanced to the final which would be held later in the week. I decided not to run the tow-in competition to avoid injuries or damage my gear. I preferred saving my energy for the real deal, which started on wednesday April 22nd.

An early skippersmeeting was held and the wind was blowing 18-25 knots. The conditions were not so easy , and after a tricky first heat against Sam Esteve (F-79) I could work my way up to the 4th place by leaving Akgazcian (F-400) and Ruenes (F-85) behind me. Estredo (V10) in the half- and Kiri (NB-61) in the “loser-final” were stronger, but that made me eager to score even better in the double-elimination.




Day 4 of the PWA Mondial du Vent in Leucate started with a long waiting game. I watched my fellow competitiors on the beach and had a warming-up session shortly before my heat #48 started. It appeared to be my friend and Severne team-mate Dieter van der Eyken. I guess the waiting-game and see everybody fight to advance had build up a lot of pressure inside of me. Most of my moves were not executed completely clean and Dieter this time was the stronger one.






 Congrats Dieter !!

 Not the result I had in mind but still totally happy with my 5th place after the first round.

Equipment : JP Freestyle 92 – Severne Freek 4.8/5.2 – LSD-fin

JP-team-mate Steven van Broeckhoven won the Double-elimination aswell. Congratulations !!!

On the penultimate day we saw the towin final and the top 3 was Bonairian !! 😉

1st Kiri Thode , 2nd Tonky Frans and 3rd Bjorn Saragoza . Pabien guys !!

team bonaire

Team Bonaire

Saturday unfortunately again was a windless day, but enough action with SUP on the water and things to do on the beach. Winners of the event here in beautiful Leucate !!

1. Steven van Broeckhoven B-72

2. Gollito Estredo V-10

3. Kiri Thode NB-61

4. Dieter van der Eijken B-35

5. Myself NB-20 😉

After the award-ceremony Dieter and I packed his van to be ready to leave early on sunday-morning along the French coast ( maybe a good session in Carros) in the direction of Poderdorf, Austria. With an overnight stop at my grandparents near the Chiemsee, Germany , we hope to arrive there on Tuesday-afternoon to be ready for new days of action at the Surf Wolrdcup Podersdorf on the Neusiedler-see.


 Thanks Leucate, I will be back !!

Thanks to the Mondial du Vent- and the PWA-crew for the great organisation, my sponsors JP-Australia, Severne-sails , LSD-fins for the great equipment and SWINIE !! Not to forget the photographers for the great pictures.

Thanks to all who tuned in on my facebook-page !!

I will get back with more out of Austria and some hot news about my Europe Tour and Beyond with Maxime van Gent NB-22.


Cheers Amado