PWA #MercedesBenz Windsurf Worldcup Sylt Sept. 27-Oct 6, 2019

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When PWA Slalom, Denmark was over I decided to stay up north and participate at the IFCA Wave Europeans in Klittmoller. I really enjoyed to get into the wavesailing again and could earn a 9th place. It was good to get used to the cold temperatures and the water as a preparation to the PWA Worldcup Sylt. 

2 days before the event start I arrived on the Brandenburgerplatz on Sylt for the 7th year, could relax and rig the gear nice and early in the equipment tent.

On friday the 27th it was time to register and I signed up for of course Freestyle AND Foil-discipline representing Bonaire together with all other Islandboyz.

The openings-ceremony was held on the boulevard and I was proud waving the Bonairian Flag.

On Day-2 conditions were up and down in the morning but the first round in freestyle could be sailed. I received a bye due to my 2018 ranking and watched the heats in the warm riders-tent as it was cold. After the first round of freestyle the wave sailors came in action. 

Also on Day-3 only the wave sailors had their competition and conditions were great and it was awesome to watch.

Monday September 30st. Stormy day and perfect conditions for either wave and freestyle.

It was hard to choose the equipment. I started on the JP 101 and 4.8 but in the end I had to switch to the JP FS 92 and Severne Freek 4.0 as wind conditions were epic around 35-40 knots. 

From the first heat against Marca I was in control and all went excellent. Over the moon to reach the final after advancing over Marca – Testa – Bosson and the final against Steven van Broekhoven. See all heats below :

High scores and very satisfied to win the single elimination.

Watch final against Steven van Broeckhovn :

Over the moon to win the single elimination !!

That was that and now on to the double. With a lay day on tuesday , time to have the monday sink in.

Wednesday the double elimination started and the possibility to win the world title was out of my hands. It all depended on what Yentel , Youp and Steven would do that day.

Youp went out early and the tension went thru the roof. If Yentel could reach a 6th place he would win the title. One always wishes their colleagues all the best and fair competition and Yentel did an awesome job to win heat 30B against a strong sailing Albert and deserved the title. For me it was focussing on at least win the Sylt-event and I did.

Estredo defeated van Broeckhoven and the final was close and could celebrate a bitter sweat win !! Disappointed …. yes…as I could score 2 wins out of the 3 events this season, but messed up Fuerteventura and with the scoring system I only came 50 points short. Therefore VICE Worldchampion Freestyle 2019 and more eager than ever to get things right in 2020.

Having the win in the Freestyle did not mean the event was over. I still had to defend my top ranking in the foil discipline. After 2 events ( Japan and Costa Brava) I shared a 1st place with 3 other competitors.

On Day 7 of the event a first elimination in Foil was ON. Light wind and switching from the relative small freestyle gear onto the huge foil gear was an adjustment and therefore was not quite confortable in the first races.

In Elimination 1, a entire fleet heat, I hit the rope at the firsd upwind mark, crashed, had to check my gear and could not get away fast enough. A 27th place, a real bummer. A 13th place out of 31 riders in the second and a collision in the 3rd heat was not a good start of the foilcompetition for me.

Day 8 was sunny but cold, with a good feeling I checked my gear. As I only had my Hydrofoil 9.0 left I was hoping the wind was good enough to get some good results. In the 4th elimination, the first one of the day I had a good battle with Iachino and finished in a 2nd place. This was the first first slalom-heat and i really liked it.

Watch final and fight with Iachino and Goyard.

The 5th heat again in the final and a 6th place. This was feeling good to set thing right of the bad day before. Another 12th and 7th place brought me at the end of the day in a 10th position. All eyes on the last day of this epic event here on Sylt. 

2 more heats were raced but in both I could not keep up with the front this time. Satisfied with a 14th place in foil and overall in a 9th place of the 2019 PWA Foil Ranking.

At 1500 the Award Ceremony started.

A huge thanks to my sponsor for their support and believing in my capabilities on the water in all disciplines. The gear I used during the event was :

>JP-AUSTRALIA FREESTYLE 92 and 101 – Hydrofoil 175

>SEVERNE SAILS FREEK 4.0/4.4 AND 4.8 – HYPERGLIDE 9.0 / 10.0




It was an amazing 8th year on tour and already looking forward to 2020. Stay updated via my social media channels ( see below ).

For now back in The Netherlands and visiting EFPT Brouwersdam in de coming days before finally flying home for a few weeks.

Many things on the agenda for the wintermonths so check back once in a while.

Cheers and best regards,

Amado NB-20 

Pictures by JC Carter, Stephan Treitler and RC Olsen