PWA Mercedes Benz Windsurf Grandslam, Sylt – Germany 30 sept – 09 okt. 2016

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PWA Grandslam MercedesBenz Windsurf Worldcup Sylt, 2016

The last stop of the Freestyle-tour and penultimate in the Slalom-discipline started with a windy Friday September 30th 2016.  Also the Wave fleet was present at this biggest event on tour and they started and completed an elimination on the first day followed by the opening ceremony in the evening.

Again very proud to represent our island Bonaire with my friends.


The 2 following days were sunny , but did not deliver the conditions required to start the freestyle- or slalom-discipline. I had the opportunity to do a great interview with SURF Magazin for the November ’16 edition.


Monday the 3rd of October started with an early skippersmeeting and we all had a fantastic day on the water. The freestyle fleet also completed a single elimination and could start the double right after.

My first heat was against I-333 Capuzzo, I was relaxed and confident and won with double the points. Good start !!  My next opponent in heat 20b was H-311 Davy Scheffers. I could do the culos on both tacks, a backloop and ended the heat with a kabikuchi. Into the top 8 !!


Next up was Frenchman Akgazciyan F-400. It was a close heat and fight to reach the quarter final, but managed to win with 12+ points. Due to the wind becoming patchy the heat was extended to 10 instead of the normal 7 minutes. But it was a good feeling to have reached the top 4. After a short  break to wait for the wind to fill in again, it was showtime. All or nothing !!

The semi-final was against Adrien Bosson F-296. I could take the win by 11 points. Culos, kono , kabikuchi and finally a DOUBLE AIR CULO. A lot of people asked for this and I was happy to show it in this semi-final. The first landed in competition . Time for the winners final against Gollito Estedo V-10. With some nerves I went out. This already could be the title-race.

unnamedThe winnersfinal against Gollito was one of my best heats ever and I won the single elimination. The conditions were perfect. Some swells and good wind made it fun to compete and all went perfect. I went for the big moves and could again land a double air culo, a planing kabikuchi and much more. Super happy with this win and a 50+ points difference.



Excellent work by the live-stream crew and Ben Proffit on the mic. Droneshots were awesome.


Result single elimination :

  1. Myself
  2. Gollito Estredo V-10
  3. Dieter van der Eijken B-35

Right after the single , the double elimination started, but after some heats the wind got light and we were released.

In the less windy moments of the event slalom-races were held. I also entered the slalom-competition in case the conditions for freestyle did not show up. My main focus during this event was freestyle of course, but managed to race one good elimination out of the 4 completed.

It was elimination 3 in which I had a good race. I reached the quarter finals but got kicked by the buyon and lost my qualifying place for the semifinal. These things happen in slalom. No Rules !! Better next time.




On Thursday October 6th the forecast was looking good and the freestyle double elimination continued , but wind got light when we only had to complete the last 5 heats of the elimination. It was a day full of tension. The winner of heat 49 had to beat me twice. IF it was Gollito Estredo it was the title race. But it did not come that far and competition was cancelled for the day. Family and friends were arriving that day and we had a great dinner with the Bonaire-crew.





















Friday and Saturday were 2 long days of waiting and keeping a close look at what the forecast for the last eventday would do. An early skippersmeeting was set for Sunday morning, and the wind increased slowly but it was a go at 10.15. It was cold and the tension was building. This was the first time I was in this position to grab or miss the title and gave it all.


Gollito forsed a super final. Things did not go the way I wanted in the first final. After a short break , the start of the super final, the wind dropped and the heat was extended to 12 minutes.

finalIn the end it was a close call with only 10 points difference with the 6 times World Champion Gollito Estredo. He was the stronger one and earned his 7th title for sure. Also I’m sure my time will come soon.



Slightly dissapointed off course, after a perfect and succesfull freestyle season, but super happy to be the PWA Freestyle Vice World Champion 2016. (2013 in 5th – 2014 in 4th – 2015 in 3rd -2016 in 2nd, you can guess whay my goal is for 2017 )

Event-result : 1st Gollito Estredo – 2nd myself and in 3rd Adrien Bosson


PWA Freestyle overall-result 2016


A massive congrats to my friend Gollito Estredo, but also to an impressive result by my JP-Teammate Yentel Cears in 3rd place of the PWA Freestyle Ranking 2016

A huge thanks to the PWA and Windsurf World Cup Mercedes Benz crew for another great event on Sylt. To my sponsors  JP-Australia – SeverneSails and LSD-fins for supplying me with the BEST gear/equipment, Brunotti for keeping me warm during the icy cold days in Northern Europe. My Bonaire-sponsors !! Not to forget my family, friends and followers via facebook and instagram for the support on the beach and messages I’ve received.


My season in not over yet. The coming weekend I will be sailing the fun-race for a good cause at the EFPT DAM-X event in Brouwersdam, Holland and after that on to La Torche, France for the last PWA Slalom-event and penultimate wave-competition for which I recieved a wildcard.

Various plans for my winter training are already in the making, so check back soon for new updates.

Cheers Amado