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After the EFPT-event on Lanzarote our journey continued on July 14th to Fuerteventura. A 1 hour ferry-trip took us to our next destination. With the cooperation of Papagayo Bike Rental-company we arrived with all our gear at Costa Calma, Sotavento Beach at the Melia Gorriones Hotel. We could store our gear at the welknown and already for 30 years organising the PWA-events : Rene Egli Center.


We had 10 days to get used to the always radical conditions at Sotavento beach. In between the training-sessions we chilled at the hotel. Very slowly all freestyle-competitors arrived for the next PWA-Grandslam competition.



On July 24th registration took place and immediately the first single elimination could start. I was not happy with my sailing that day and above that I twisted my knee in the warm-up session and it was very painfull. I could defeat Sims K-72 but my crazy friend Balz Muller (SUI-21) kicked me out and ended up in 9th place.



After a person of the medical staff taped my knee I felt ready to fight back in the double. Despite the painfull knee I could defeat Pinocheaut F-08 and Youp Schmit NB-12 but was not paying attention to the buyons and landed 2 moves outside the competition-area in the heat against Cears B-16. A very stupid mistake and a good lesson learned. The double ended for me again in 9th place.

Maxime’s mum came to Fuerteventura as a surprise. It was really nice for Maxime to have her with her during the competition !! Thanks Marjolijn for coming !!



Due to a late finish of the double and the ladies-heats I got a day rest for my knee on sunday. Luckily it felt much better on monday and ready to score well this time in the second single. And it went GREAT !!

The first heat against Rowe K-20 was a bit of a struggle but could advance. The next competitors I could defeat were Cears, Thode NB-61 and Akgazcian F-400 to end up against my friend and Severne team-mate Dieter van der Eyken B-35. As they said on live-stream…we both were on fire… all went great and managed to win my first ever PWA-single elimination. This was a great feeling and a good comeback from my dissapointing 9th place.




Schermafbeelding 2015-07-28 om 15.51.28

The last day for the freestyle-competitors was on July 28th. Because of my 1st place in the single it was a long wait before I knew who was my oponent in the final. It appeared to be Dieter again after he won from Kiri. Dieter had to win against me twice to win the event and he did. The first final I could not land all my moves as I wanted to and felt a huge pressure. In the super-final it was a close call but in the advantage for Dieter.





Maxime did a great job with the ladies and ended in 6th place !!


Schermafbeelding 2015-08-06 om 17.37.01

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-25 om 15.47.07



Congrats Dieter !!! Great job !


Schermafbeelding 2015-07-28 om 16.50.22

The 2016 gear from JP-Australia and Severne Sails are perfect ! I mostly used the FS92 and the Freek 4.0 and 4.4 together with the LSD-fin.


Overall I ended the event in a solid 4th place and I’m very happy with that result after the bad start. For now I pack my freestyle- and unpack the slalom-gear to start the slalom-competition here at Sotavento, Fuerteventura. The coming days it all will be about racing, speed and big big guys !!


….and it was heavy. After 5 days of freestyle-excitement the first day 3 rounds were raced in which I could advance into the quarter-final only once. The conditions were very challenging with windreadings between 25 and 35 knots.



Day 2 was a great day for my friend Taty Frans. He won Elimination 6. What a great job by a great rider !! Again 3 rounds were raced and unfortunately I missed out again twice to advance in to the quarter. Every inch at the finish counts and I just missed a few to end in 5th position. Although I managed to finish in third in Elimination 4 , in the quarter I just missed my chance again.


Day 3 of the slalom, the wind dropped and we were on standby until around 15.00. Once the wind on the course was between 9-14 knots, round 7 could start. I was well prepared and ready to score today. Sadly nothing happened as I lost my fin on my way to the start-line and had to pull out of the race. Very disappointing, but no way I gave up with 2 more days of racing.


coming back to the beach with NO fin ;(

On the penultimate day of the event I again came to the beach early to check my equipment. I used the JP-AUSTRALIA Slalom 60 , Severne Sails Reflex6 6.2 and a 34cm Drake fin. Ready to rock and roll.

I had a good start, crashed at the first buoy, got up, caught up in a 3rd position, was run over at the last buoy, got up and missed the quarter again by a few inch and ended in 5th place. Not enough.


The last day, no sailing due to lack of wind and it was time to pack all my gear. 6 board bags full of the finest freestyle and slalom-equipment ready to be flown back to Munich, back to the mobile home.

Looking back on 3 weeks Fuerteventura, I had an amazing time, caught up with a lot of friends and made many new ones. Although my result in Slalom was worse (40th place) than it was in Costa Brava (22nd) I learned a lot, and will definitely used it in the next slalom-event in Alacati, Turkey . The freestyle part was GREAT !! Despite my knee and bad start I ended in 4th place and overall on the ranking in 3rd. So very HAPPY with that !!

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-06 om 16.32.35

Overall ranking Slalom 38th

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-06 om 16.43.17

Overall ranking Freestyle 3rd place.

At this moment Maxime and I already are in Croatia for our next stop. European Freestyle Pro Tour Pepsi/Martini -event in Perna.

Read all about that via my daily updates on Facebook or check back after August 12th here on my website !!


Amado NB-20

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