PWA Grandslam, Fuerteventura 2016

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PWA Grandslam Fuerteventura, July 22nd-31st, 2016

This year I visited Costa Calma on Fuerteventura for the 6th time. Well ahead of the start of the competition I arrived at the nice hotel of Melia Gorriones right on the beach to train and to be ready for the second PWA Worldcup of 2016. After my good result in Podersdorf , Austria in May where I ended in 2nd place, I had to keep my head cool and score.


Registration took place on Friday the 22nd of August and a single elimination could be started right away. See the ladder below. The wind and sea conditions were radical with windreadings up to 30 knots. A good start for a action-filled event.

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-27 om 15.22.55
The first heat of the event was against Vinante I-205 and went all very good, the next round was against my fellow Bonairian colleague Youp Schmit NB-12. With a backloop, spock-culo and more I won this close heat. The rest of the elimination had to wait until the next day as we were released at 19.13 Hrs.

f3 kopie


Day-2 Started 9 am with a skippers meeting and the first heats were on at 10.17. Next in line to climb the ladder was my crazy friend Balz Muller SUI-21. A shaka, a sick shifty and many more I won this heat again. With the live-ticker and live-scoring for the audience it’s a great opportunity to follow the freestyle-event. I think it’s really a big step up for our sport.

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-23 om 06.33.56

At 12.17 I had to increase the level, my opponent and 6 times Worldchampion Gollito Estredo V-10 was ready for a good battle. Although I felt a bit nervous and could not execute my moves very well in the first part of the heat, I could fight back as I told myself to relax and just have fun. It was very very close but it worked in the end.


The shifty , double culo and air skopu and more were enough to arrive in the final against JP-teammate Yentel Caers B-16. And… Yentel was on fire and beat me in this final. A huge congrats for Yentel winning his maiden appearance in a winner’s final.




Top 5 Single-elimination
1st Yentel Caers
2nd Amado Vrieswijk
3rd Gollito Estredo
4th Phil Soltysiak
5th Balz Müller
5th Kiri Thode
5th Nico Akgazciyan
5th Jacopo Testa


At 14.50 the Double elimination started, but I was released for the day as we would not make it into the top 5 heats this saturday at Costa Calma.
In the ladies-devision Sarah-Quita Offeringa ARU-91 won, and my 2015 travel buddy Maxime van Gent NB-22 made it into 4th ! Job well done !!

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-27 om 15.23.27

The end of Day-2. Most of the riders stayed at the Melia Gorriones Hotel which is located directly on the beach together with the Rene Egli Windsurfcenter, the host of the event on Fuerteventura. An early night it was as the next day I had to fight back into the final again.


#TheIslandboyz, Taty Frans (middle), Tonky Frans (right) and myself

Already focussing to relax and not think to much during the heat I woke up early on Sunday the 24th of July. It was time for a win……
At 10.33 the first heat of the day was a go between my friend, trainingspartner and colleague #TheIslandboyz , Taty Frans NB-9 against the really upcoming talend Jocopo Testa ITA-261 (who beat me in Lanzarote). Curious who would be my opponent for 2nd or 3rd place I went out sailing to warm up but kept an eye on the competition-area.


Heat 49 for 3rd and 4th place was between my friend , Severne-teammate and 2015 Worldchampion Dieter van der Eijken B-35 and Gollito Estredo V-10. It was Gollito who won and again hat to compete against me. Revenge ?

Again nervous in the first 3 minutes, but after that full out and go for it. See live-ticker comments about the heat.

gollito It was close and I was super stoked to get a second chance to make it into a first place by sailing in the final against Yentel again. As Yentel won the single-elimination I had to beat him twice. Tough job, but had nothing to loose and again went full power and motivated into the final. And it became a super-final !! See comments below. And result.




Totally happy to win my first ever double-elimination on the PWA-tour. In Podersdorf earlier in May it was close. Now I did it.

The following 2 days the wind was very light and we tried to start a new elimination but the conditions were not suitable to compete.
A memorable day came on Tuesday July 26th. I won my first PWA Freestyle Worldcup. To stand on stage with the Hymne di Boneiru was quite impressive.
Unfortunately my grandma had a delay in her flight and just missed out on the award-ceremony.


Final Result :
1st Amado Vrieswijk
2nd Yentel Caers
3rd Gollito Estredo
4th Dieter Van der Eyken
5th Phil Soltysiak
6th Nico Akgazciyan
7th Taty Frans
7th Kiri Thode
9th Jacopo Testa
9th Taty Frans
9th Steven Van Broeckhoven
9th Balz Müller

Which brings me on the top of the overall-ranking with 1 more event to go in Sylt, Germany at the end of September. How cool is that !! It still has to sink in !!
A lot still can happen so I will keep on focussing to go into an event relaxed instead of planning it all in my head. Not easy but a challenge to make my dream come true.

Sarah-Quita was crowned Worldchampion Freestyle, for the 9th times. Congrats Sarah-Quita, amazing job !!

For me this Grandslam event was not over yet as I also entered the Slalom-competition from July 27-31. Lots of wind expected so it will be challenging.

A huge thanks to the PWA-, the Rene-Eglicenter- and the Fuerteventura Worldcup crew. Thanks to my friends on the beach and at home behind the live-stream , Facebook, twitter etc for all the support. It was an amazing event.
My sponsors, thanks for the perfect gear !! Boards, sails and fins worked excellent.

Fwin 3

Check back soon for the Slalom-summary.