PWA Gran Canaria Wind & Waves, Pozo July 15-21, 2018

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30st Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival !!

After spending a very nice week in Denmark, coaching the participants of the Young Gun Camp and a Foil-clinic at West Wind Bork I had a week to rest and prepare before leaving for the Canary Islands.

group YGC

I was booked on July 12th, but decided to go earlier to train after hearing the winds were howling in Pozo. No more patience to go out in the great conditions and arrived early on July 9th.



In the first 2 days I broke both my smaller sails but luckily the new Severne shipment arrived in time on Gran Canaria so I would be well prepared at the start of my first PWA Wave-event.

Registration took place on Sunday the 15th and the competition was ON straight away.

Pozo Heat 6A

My first heat was against Dieter van der Eijken B-35. My jumps went ok but did not get my waverides together. Although I could land  2 big stalled forward loops ( 1 very close to Dieter, see clip below) and a backloop, my 360 and other wave-attempts were not good enough to beat the Severne Team-boss, but I was eager to do it better in the double elimination.

The remainder of the single elimination’s held on the second day and Severne-rider Philip Koster and in the ladies division Daida Moreno (also on Severne) were the winners.

Day 3 was again a very windy day with nuclear conditions and the double-elimination started.


My first heat was against freestyle-collegue Testa ITA-261 and was happy I could advance into the next round. This time against Schettewi  US-25. My stalled forward, double forward and one handed backloop and frontside 3 made me advance again. Really happy about my improvement and I was ready for revenge against Dieter. 


Talking tactics with the legend Bjorn Dunckerbeck


On Day 4 I had the chance in the rematch against my friend and Severne-team-rider. Although it was very close during the heat ,Dieter took the lead in the last minute and won. 




This was it for here in Pozo at the 30st Gran Canacia Wind & Wave competition. What an amazing event and what a great new experience.

Gear JP AUSTRALIA Thruster Quad 83 and Severne Sails Blade 3.7-4.2



All riders -48 Men & 23 Women.  (me top left). Satisfied with my shared 17th place in this for me first PWA wave-event. Congrats to Philip Koster and Daida Moreno winning this awesome competition in extreme conditions.

For sure this event made me eager to continue practicing the wave-discipline . It will be a challenge to divide my time between 4 disciplines but love them all. Freestyle, Slalom, Foiling and Wave. As long there is wind I can be doing what I love the most. #WINDSURFING

Time to pack and get ready for the next event. The very important first Freestyle-event of the season.

The Fuerteventura Grand Slam will be held from July 26 – Aug 4th. All info can be found on …and there will be live-stream again with Ben Proffitt .

Thanks to the Moreno Twins and local organizers for the great time, PWA-crew and my sponsors for also supporting me in the wave-discipline. Photo’s by John Carter, Jose Pina, Into Fire & Water and 4Windsurf.

On to the ferry now , on to the next destination and PWA-event No. 6 !!


Amado NB-20


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