PWA Fuerteventura Grandslam 2018 July 26 – Aug. 4th

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After having a blast on Gran Canaria in the waves it was time to go back to Fuerteventura.

Back on the freestyle-gear and prepare for THE Freestyle-event of the year. 

Receiving my new JP-Australia 2019 boards at the Rene Egli windsurf center at Costa Calma i could not wait to hit the water and warm up for the competition.


I’m a lucky guy but after my first session I tore/overstreached my muscle from stomach to the back and had to stay on the beach to recover and did not felt lucky at all.

A bit angry and disappointed that right now at the event where I’ve been training for since last year this happened. With the help of the physiotherapist , painkillers and friends I decided to give it a go for the competition. 

Heavilly taped up I registered for the 33rd Fuerteventura Worldcup together with 47men and … women on July 26th and the single elimination was ON !!


Altough I thought my heat went bad I still scored a 160 points in my first heat agains Rowe




The painkillers did their work but rotating through the moves the pain felt like a knife.

Here a small recap from WindsurfingTV by Ben Proffiitt

Advancing into the 3rd round against Scheffers and could set a good score again to advance into the quarterfinals agains team-mate Steven van Broeckhoven. Sailing through my pain barrier and only have my mind on 1 thing..I want that semifinal.. I scored the highest heat of the day with 180 points. Lucky for me the semifinals would be held the following day as I was in need for rest and recuperate from the pain.  With electro-wave recovery and with another painkiller it was of to bed and sleep. Had to wait and see what the next day would bring.



The semifinal didn’t go as planned. I was not at my 100% and my opponents in the semi- and runners-up-final were sailing very strong. I had to settle with a 4th place. Not happy but satisfied because in the beginning of the week it wasn’t sure if I could sail at all.





In the remainder of the freestyle-event we could run a part of the double elimination, but the wind let us down, which is rarely here on Fuerteventura. On the last day it seemed to pick up and some of the junior- and ladies-heat were done, but than the wind died and it was over. No chance to improve my 4th place.



My injury got better over the days although with certain moves I still felt the pain. Gollito Estredo 1. – Adrien Bosson 2. and,Yentel Caers 3 deserved to be the winners.

On to the 5th slalom-event of the season and the 2nd part of the Fuerteventura Worldcup.



My mom flew in with the slalom-gear so it was packing the freestyle gear and rigging the smaller slalom-gear as it was howling again on the first slalom-day.


2.5 eliminations were raced and I used my small board and Mach1 6.2.


In elimination 1 I reached the quarterfinal, but had a bad crash and lost my qualifying position


In the 2nd I broke my mast in the first heat. A bummer , normally I feel like a lucky guy, but not at that moment on the jetski when they had to tow me in.

In the 3rd elimination though I had my mind straight again and reached again the quarterfinals but that had to wait until the next day.



On the 2nd day of the slalom we continued with elimination 3 and could reach the semifinal and earned myself a Top 16 place.


In elimination 4 though my friend and Islandboy sneaked passed me in the quarterfinal just before the finish and had to settle with a 23rd place after 4 eliminations.

With the forecast being patchy in the next days it was wait and see if we could race more eliminations. It’s the first time in the 7 years that I visit Fuerteventura that the wind isn’t that strong and or consistent.

The penultimate day the wind showed up at the end of the day. We were racing on the edge of competition-conditions and unfortunately I was underpowered and missed out in 5th place just before the event got back on hold. We could not finish the elimination and the event was over.

A 23rd place here at Sotavento-beach in the slalom. Overall slalom-ranking 20st

Congrats to Antoine Albeau…unbeatable !!

Now it’s time to pack and head back to the mainland of Europe. Thanks Rene Egli Center, Melia Gorriones, the local staff, PWA Crew, photographers John Carter, Tom de Brendt, Jan Cas Schmit, my sponsors and family for the support !!

Next up Engadine Wind , Silvaplana in Switzerland. Back to that magic place high in the mountains for slalom, foiling and EFPT-Freestyle Tow-in.


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Amado NB-20