PWA Fuerteventura Freestyle Worldcup

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Arriving out of Gran Canaria a week before the event start I could take the time to adjust to the Fuerte conditions and the new Severne Fr33ks. All stickerered up , rigged and ready for the 2nd Freestyle-event of 2019. 


My gear set up :


SEVERNE SAILS : Fr33K 4.4/4.8 – Enigma Boom 150-200 & RDM RED mast 400

LSD-fin : Freestyle 20cm

BRUNOTTI : wetsuit/harnass

During the first days it was hard to see the slalomguyz racing. I hope in the future they will switch the order again to Freestyle first to make sure I won’t miss out. The livestream caught me on camera while training : 


On July 30st it was time to register and see the youth-devision put on a real good show. Future champs for sure were among them. 

Once it was time for the pro’s I could safely pass the first round against Wilson from Israel.

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 8.02.22 AM

De conditions were not optimal. For Fuerteventura standards it was light and it felt strange to go to on a 4.8 instead of the during training 4.0/4.4 in the days before. Around 1800 the wind dropped and the first day was over.

On the 2nd day we continued and around 1500 I had my heat.

Next up was Akgazciyan from France. All went ok, but still disappointed we did not have the wavy and nuclear conditions to give a good show. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 8.03.01 AM


Moves were forced, but the gears worked perfect but definitely could appreciate some more wind in the 3rd round against Testa. It was a close call and argued with the judges about the scoring as in my opinion my pasko in these conditions was underscored. But I was talking to a wall and this was the end for me in the single.


Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 8.03.53 AM


It had to come down all again in the double , in which again I had to sail against friends and biggest opponent Gollito Estredo. Would it be “Bonaire’ all over again” ??

A massive thumbs up for the top 4 guys and especially Youp who sailed amazing.

Steven van Broeckhoven won the single and with a lay day while the first round of the second elimination were running I could get ready for the battle. The tension rose .




In my heat against Gollito my 2 first moves were not as planned and therefore my nerves were all around. I got into the rhythm in the 2nd half the heat but it seemed not enough to advance over Gollito like i did on Bonaire. It was over and out and got my worst result since 2014 in a freestyle event.

A shared 9th place which placed me in a shared 3rd position overall.

Disappointed ?  YES

Demotivated ?  NO WAY !!

Still be able to do what I love the most : windsurfing and all eyes and focus on Sylt to safe what can be saved to at least reach the stage again. Smile and continue !!


A massive congrats to the TOP 3 Men, Steven, Yentel and Jacopo and a unbelievable achievement by Sarah Quita winning her 12th Worldtitle in Freestyle in the ladies-division.

For now 3 weeks of holiday in Europe with my girlfiend Jade who is visiting this continent for the first time. We will make a road trip through Bavaria, Austria, Italy and Switzerland and visit some windsurf- and kite-spots on the way. 

Innogy International – Dummer-see and PWA slalom in Denmark in the 1st 2 weeks of september. 


Thanks for all the support, especially by my Sponsors and Family.   

Rene Egli Center and Melia Gorriones hotel for their hospitality and not to forget my sister Chanel who came also to Fuerte again.



Cheers from Zandvoort, The Netherlands.