PWA Foil Worldcup , Costa Brava May 28th – June 2nd

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It again were heavy days after a long flight from Busan via Seoul to Amsterdam, doing the laundry repack, shower,  into my van and on the road for 1400km to Costa Brava !! (all within 48 hours)
Together with Jordy Vonk and Ethan Westera we drove all night, made a stop in Gruissan,Francce to have a look at the Defiwind-event to arrive on May 26th around noon at Camping La Ballena Alegre near Roses in Spain.
Yes we needed a full day of rest, but also eager to rig our foil-equipment, do some testing to be ready for the PWA Foil only World Cup in Costa Brava. The first 2 days were challenging with the wind swinging between the strong Tramontana and the termal winds (which we needed for foiling )
48 men entered the competition and on Day 1 around 14.20 the competition started with a lightwind ( 5-6 knots) and made the final. On the JP-AUSTRALIA Hydrofoil 175 and Severne Hyperglyde2 10.0 I had good speed but did not have a good start and finished in a 10th position. Not the event-start I had in mind but plenty possibilities to improve. There were some complaints about the lightwind conditions during the final but the result for all was a fact.
On Day 2 We started in the windiest foil-conditions I ever had and with a 9.0 as my smallest sail it would we become a heavy job and a challenge for many. The Tramonana was blowing 30 plus knots, so we would really FLY on the foil.
For safety reasons the races were on Hold to wait until the wind dropped a bit.
Right after lunchtime the wind dropped to 15-25 knots but was increasing again but the races were on.
I was on survival-mode but could reach the final, but finished in a dissapointing 21st position out of the 24 finalists. The wind was to strong and I could not risk to injure myself or break any gear.
Luckily I also packed my freestyle gear and wind the wind increasing again to 35 plus knots even on my Freestyle-kit with 4.8 it was a challenge but also big fun
Day 3 . The Tramontana was gone and the thermal wind took a while to kick in. At 16.30 it was ON and elimnation 3 was on it’s way. Again in the final and a 8th place as a result. Felt confortable on the JP-Australia Hydrofoil 175 , with the Starboard-foil and 9.0 Severne Sails Hyperglide2 and eager do better in the next rounds.
Overall after 3 eliminations in a 10th position
Day-4 it was on at 12.30 with windreadings between 8-10 knots
In the semifinal I could finish 2nd and repeated that in the final. Very happy with that result.
Elimination 5 was a full fleet start. Instead of 2 semifinals in which the top 12 could advance into the final, now all 48 riders started at the same time. Awesome, challenging but also very dangerous at time. I took a good course and finished in a 8th place and Elimination 6, again a full fleet race in a 9th. Back in the top 10 on a 7th place after 6 eliminations.
Day 5 started with the 7th Elimination and a 3rd full fleet race, I earned myself a 8th place again and with these 7 results, I could discard the 2 worst results 10 and 21, but brought me overall back into a 8th place.
How it looks like at the first mark – GoPro
Ready and charged to do better, the racedirector decided to do something different, another format , no course-racing but foil-slalom !! This appeared to be very exciting.
The 48 riders we devided in 4 heats, top 8 advanced into 2 semifinals in which the first 8 had to race the final and the last 8 in a runnersupfinal.  With 12 foilers going downwind to the marks and almost no sound due to the foils you need your eyes everywhere. I really liked it and finished the semifinal in a 2nd place and the final in a good 4th. Great result and eager to start elimination 8.
A good first heat with a first finish, a 3rd place in the semifinal but the rest of the race had to wait until the next day as the wind dropped and we were released for the day.
With a few vans we drove to Gruissan in France to catch up with friends participating at the Defiwind to be back on time and rested for the penultimate day in Costa Brava and for sure still some eliminations to race.
Day 5 we finished Elimination 8 with for me a great 4th place as result.
We immediately continued with number 9 and in the first round H3 could finish in first place, the semifinal in 3rd, but we could not finish the finals as as usual by the end of the afternoon the thermal wind was gone. Really in the mood to upgrade my overall result from 7th to something better on the last day of this Foil Worldcup.
June 2nd was the last day and ready for action. Around noon the wind filled in and with the runnersup final first I went out to “warm up” .  Another exciting final and a 6th place brought me 1 step up the ladder in a overall 6th place /
In elimination 10 and what also appeared the last race of the event, I had a good battle with Severne team-mate Iacino for third and 4th place in the final and was happy to be the faster one this time. A good score to add to the list .
End result PWA Costa Brava 2019 a 4th place
Overall result PWA Foil after 2 events : a shared 2nd place.
Schermafbeelding 2019-06-03 om 20.50.11
Congrats to Thomas Goyard, the winner, JP-Australia colleague Julien Bontemps (2) and Severne-Sails-collegue Matheo Iachino in third.
Thanks to JP-Australia and Severne Sails for great equipment what is also a big part of the succes and good result . All works perfect together with the Starboard Foil.  Thanks also to all other Brunotti , Akkermans Auto Supplies, MCB-Bank Bonaire, Crooij and Flipse Insurances, The Beach Hut Bonaire, family and friends for the massive support and Camping La Ballena Allegre, the event-organisers and PWA crew for another great event.
Time to hit the road, organise my things in The Netherlands and heading home to BONAIRE for a few weeks of rest, gym ans preparations for the next phase of the 2019 season .
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