PWA Fly ANA Windsurf Worldcup, Yokosuka Japan May 10-15

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Fly! ANA PWA Windsurf Worldcup Slalom 2018, Yokosuka, Japan

With a successful photoshoot for the 2019 JP-Australia boards on Maui in April and a week of rest and gym in Zandvoort/ The Netherlands it was time to pack up the slalom- and foil-gear for my first PWA-event of 2018.  Fly ANA Worldcup Slalom in Yokosuka, Japan.

Together with Theislandboy Taty Frans , NB-9 we left from Schiphol Amsterdam for Tokio on May 7th.


We checked in at the Moholova Minds Hotel and prepared our gear on the beach.



Temperatures were around 13 degrees, we had rain, sunshine, thunder,… and wind.

On May 10th, the registration took place and after a rainy opening-ceremony, the wind dropped and all sailors were released for the day. On the second day , the forecast looked promising and a first foil race was held. 

46 participants on the foil. With “safety first “ we all had to wear helmet and impact-vest.


Could finish in a 14th place.

In the slalom discipline with 64 partiipants, my first heat was number 6 and won with a good lead, check out the recording of the great lifestream and commentary by Ben Proffitt.

I was using the JP-AUSTRALIA Slalom 85 and SeverneSails Mach 1 8.6

Day-3 another foil elimination was held. I’m improving in foil-racing, it’s really fun and finished in 1st place in the semifinal  and was in the lead for a moment in the final until my board touched a wave and I crashed. Again a 14th place. Also the remainder of the slalom-elimination 1 was raced. Unfortunately finished my quarterfinal in 6th place.   Result :  21st place .


Also the remainder of elimination 1 was raced. Unfortunately finished my quarterfinal in 6th place.   Result :  21st place . 

Day-4 started with good wind conditions and we could start Elimination 2 .  Rain made the wind drop right after heat 7. Luckily I was in heat 6 and finished in a 2nd place.


Really happy with my equipment and therefore sailing. On to the quarterfinal, so we had our fingers crossed for some more wind during the last 2 days of the event.

Day-5 was a layday. Sunshine and some fun activities on the beach.


The whole event is perfectly organized and people are so very friendly here. Lot’s of windsurf fans and spectators on the beach everyday. 



On the last day of the event de conditions were perfect for some more foil-eliminations. 

A solid 2nd place in the 3rd elimination. See recording of the lifestream :

A 1st in the semi-final of the 4th foil-elimination, but unfortunately weed on my foil in the final. 


Video interview : Using the JP-Hydrofoil 150 , SeverneSails Hyperglide 9.0 and Starboard Foil

Overall results Fly ANA Worldcup

Slalom after 1 elimination  : 21st place

Foil after 4 eliminations  : 11th place

Satisfied with my sailing and my results this first event 2018

All the equipment will be shipped to South Korea from here and  next up from May 19-13, PWA Ulsan in Korea.

Congrats to the winners and a huge thanks to the Fly Ana organizers, PWA-crew and ofcourse my sponsors.





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All pictures by PWA John Carter


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