PWA DAM7 Festival, Netherlands

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On the  4th of September I flew for the third time this year over the Atlantic. This time to Amsterdam together with Kiri Thode and Bjorn Saragoza.

We said “Byebye Bonaire” for 5 weeks.


The transfer from Schiphol-airport to Brouwersdam was arranged perfect, they were already waiting and so we were on our way soon to the province of Zeeland for the third PWA-worldcup of 2013.

I had planned to train a day or two before the start of the event, but unfortunately no wind, but lots of fun seeing everybody again .

Saturday , September 7th, the event DAM7 was officially opened with a flag-parade and the registration took place the next morning on Sunday.



The wind let us down for competition, but a nice tow-in session was planned instead.

I had to compete in the first fleet, and can say that it was the worst tow-in for me since long. I managed to slip out of the footstraps in both sessions.

Besides the unfortunate tow-in for me, I had fun and saw a lot of sick tow-in action from the other riders.


Day 3, was a different piece of cake !!  The forecast looked like there was a storm coming up. And it came !!  The most crazy winds in a competition I have ever experienced. 45 knot of wind were measured .

After a few rainshowers the wind came, kicked in hard and stayed like this and the first single-elimination was a go !! I started my first heat with my Severne Freek 4.8 and Starboard Flare 91 against the Belgium rider Yentel Cears (B16) in heat 13a. The 4.8 was perfect but in the last 2 minutes I started to get a little bit overpowered but managed to make it into the next round.



In the next round I had to go against the aggresive rider Taty Frans ..In the meantime the wind picked up allot so I had to take my 4.4 . In the beginning it was perfect but every minute the wind got stronger. When our heat started it was super crazy out there on the water. For a lot of riders it was so hard to make their moves dry and clean. Not this time, I could not win from Taty , but was confident and super happy that the wind was on our side this day, and after Kiri and Sarah-Quita winning the single, we could immediately start with the first double elimination. After the first 8 heats, it started to get dark and I had to wait until the next morning.

That was no problem, beacause it was cold and was looking forward to a hot shower and a good night sleep.

Day 4 started with waiting for the wind again and… it kicked in around 4pm. I managed to win (one of my best heats) heat 40 against Propetinsky and recieved a really nice comment on the live-ticker :

>Vrieswijk scores the highest scores of the day so far – 9.5s from the judges.

I was really stoked about that . I could  advance to the next round against the French riders Adrien Bosson. We both sailed a good heat but Bosson had just a bit more diversity what made him win by half a point.




The 5th day , it was Kiri-day.  He managed to win the double elimination aswell, and I was super happy and proud of my friend. Also this day the tow-in sessions were held and the 3 winners were : Matissek (3), Kiri Thode (2) and Gollito Estredo in first place. The last day of the event in Brouwersdam was Ladies-day. They started a new elimination and the guys were released.

Summary : Great event at a great spot in the Netherlands. The country where my parents come from. Therefore I could show my skills to my family who live there. It was fun and well organized. My result : 13th place, was less than I had expected after finishing 7 and 9 place in the previous event this year.

A good wake-up call for me to give my very best in Sylt from September 27th-October 6th to end 2013 in the top 10 overall.

Now I’m in Belgium with my team-mate Dieter van der Eyken and we had some sick sessions and did some filming.


On the 24th of September I will leave for Sylt by car with my grandpa. Another exciting event coming up soon so stay tuned via my website or facebookpage. !!

Thanks to my sponsors Starboard ,Severne Sails and Caribbean Homes  for their confidence in me, my family for visiting and Mr. and Mrs. Van der Eyken and Dieter for their hospitality .

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See you all soon !!!

Cheers Amado !!