PWA Cold Hawaii Worldcup Wave, Klittmoller Denmark Sept 19th-25th, 2016

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PWA Worldcup Wave Klittmoller, Denmark

After the great event in Hvide Sande it was time to go to Klittmoller.  My application for a place in the trials was denied at first, but 2 days before the eventstart I recieved good news. A cancellation opened up a spot for me to enter my first wave-event.


Mr WOW , Ruben Petrisie joining me to the North

The week before the event we had only one day of wind, therefore spent some time in the gym in Thristed and enjoyed the beautiful sceneries Denmark offers. The weather was really nice to us, sunshine every day compared to the cold and rain- and windy days last year.
The event started on the 19th of September , but the forecast did not look very optimistic . The organisation arranged all kinds of side activities to entertain the riders and the spectators on the beach.
A tow in session
A sup contest ( in which i did not participate)
A sup team contest.
  Team France took the victory and team “Rest of the World ” (Dieter van der Eyken, Flo Jung , Kenneth Danielsen and myself) took 2nd place.

Severne teammate Dieter and I had a nice chat with Ben Proffitt in the commentarybooth.


On the penultimate day the wind and waves showed up. The conditions were on the edge but the judges decided to start the qualifying rounds.
I was in heat 1 and could land a clean backloup, but with the wind so light and small waves I could not advance into the main event.
Jumping is ok, but wave-riding needs some more training. Something to look into this winter.
I was using the Severne Sails Freek 5.2 , JP-Australia Radical Quad 88 and LSD-wave fins.
After the qualifying rounds the wind was gone and the main event could not start.
On the final day the event ended with another tow-in super session and got myself a 3rd place. Congrats to Dieter winning and Ricardo Campello in 3rd. Nice to mention, all 3 Brunotti team-riders.
Congrats to Dieter winning and Ricardo Campello in 2nd. NIce to mention… all 3 Brunotti team-riders.
A huge thanks goes out again to the PWA-crew, the Cold Hawaii team, local sponsors and all participants for the good time. Also to JP Australia, Severne Sails, LSD fins and Brunotti for supplying me with the perfect gear . I hope to be back in Klittmoller in 2018 !!
Next up:
Mercedes Benz PWA Worldcup , Sylt in Germany. From September 30st until October 9th, 2016

The final of the freestyle-tour and Slalom-racing .

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