Pegasus Airlines , PWA Slalom Worldcup, Alacati/Turkey Aug. 17-22, 2015

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Event number 14 in 2015 was in Alacati, Turkey. The PWA Pegasus-Airlines Worldcup Slalom from August 17-22.

ala5 kopie

We flew from Munich to Izmir and transportation to the coast was very well organised. Unfortunately the wind-forecast for the event-week wasn’t that positive so we all had our fingers crossed for some good slalom-racing.




The event-site was setup very nice but it was HOT !! The pool at the Shaka Marine Hotel was very attractive and we did some tow-in , SUP , patrolling the beach and enjoying the good restaurants.





On wednesday, after 2 days of waiting the action started. In very light wind (9-15 knots) the first elimination was a GO. I just missed out to advance into the quarter-finals in heat 5.



Thursday again was a windless and very long day waiting on the seaside, but I could catch up with a lot of guys and we enjoyed ourselves. Thanks to John Carter the world can also see how beautiful Alacati/Turkey is. Great pictures everyday again !!



Friday was the most exciting day as 2 eliminations were completed and in both I managed to advance into the quarterfinals. I was really happy with that although I realized more slalom-training is nessecary to keep it up with the “big” guys.




With 3 rounds completed everybody hoped for a 4th round on the last day to take advantage from a discard. After 3 rounds I was in 23rd position on the event-ranking and had to race a very good round to stay in that position.



The last day of the event started around 12.00 with light wind and I was in heat 4. I missed out by a couple of centimeters in my heat. I was in 4rd position after the last buoy making a perfect jibe, but Rutkowski from Poland took over on the last stretch. Bummer but I felt good about my starts and sailing.  I finished this event in 32th place. Right in the middle of the 64 participants. We had a great time in Alacati alhough it was a long week, with lots of cancelled and resailed heats due to the windconditions. I for sure will come back next year

For now we leave the warm south and will head to the North. We will travel from the South of Germany to the Netherlands and onwards to Denmark to attend the IFCA WATERZ-event Hvide Sande from September 2nd. Byebye boardshorts and hello warm hoodies and wetsuits.




Amado NB-20