Pegasus Airlines Alacati PWA Worldcup Slalom

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On August 23rd, Taty Frans and I left for Turkey. It has been 7 years since I was there for the IFCA Slalom JYM World in 2007. Than I could become first under 13 and 3rd under 15 year!!

This time I recieved my 2nd wildcard to compete in my 3rd PWA –slalom-event.


It was a long flight, via Amsterdam with KLM, who helped us with taking a bit of the costs for transporting our gear for their part. ( a huge thanks for the help !! ), to Istanbul and on to Izmir. After 24 hours of travelling we arrived in Alacati, the place to be for the PWA Pegasus Worldcup Slalom 2014.

After a good night sleep in the Shaka Boutique Hotel , Taty and I had one day before the start of the event and could start exploring the event-site , rigging our gear and have some training-sessions. It’s a great windsurfing spot , perfect temperatures (simular to Bonaire) and very important good wind.


On August 26th , registration was completed and 22 ladies and 59 men registered for the event. Round 1 started. Perfect start of the event for me reaching my first ever semifinal in a PWA-event. Ended in 15th place which was great and gave me confidence to do more in the days ahead.

alacati round 1

Round 2 started by the end of the afternoon. I fell in the first heat at the first mark, got up and could gain some good speed but came a few inches short at the finish. 5th place is not enough to advance.

alacati amado goes down

 Me falling graciously at the buyon, nice picture !

 Day 2 : Was not my day. I already was kicked out of round 2 and unfortunately went out with the wrong gear into the first heat of round 3. The wind was very unpredictable and had to race underpowered on my Starboard I-sonic 110 and Severne Reflex5 7.8. But it was ok. I went to this slalom event to learn and gain experience, so this was a good lesson.


Day 3: Ready to go full power !! The wind was much better than expected and almost 2 new rounds were sailed. Round 4/Heat 7 was mine and ended in 2nd place behind Toselli. Good start and focussed. In the quarter again I was in control and could keep it up with Ben van der Steen and it was close at the finish line and just made it in 4th place. Felt great. One more time into the semifinal. I ended this round in 16th place.

With 1 discard after 4 rounds I was standing in 26th place. Pretty happy !!

alacati 6

Day 4 of this 6 day event: Round 5 was finished and 6 started around 15.00 lt. It was windy and was overpowered in my first heat on the 110L and Reflex5 7.8. I was in 5th position, fell at the second buyon but could make it up and came over the finish in 4th place. The quarterfinal was a heavy one. I went out on the 110L and 7.0 sail and took a risky start. I had a qualifying position until in the pack near the buyon someone slammed into me, ( no rules ) and hit the water one more time and missed my chance to advance into the semi-final.


Day 5 : Round 7 and 8 were sailed and again I could make it into the quarterfinals.

In round 8 I unfortunately went over early together with Taty Frans and Williams. My first over early ever !!! Bummer but a good lesson.   GENERAL RECALL  🙁racing-flag-genrecall

After the races it was nice to be able to test some of the Starboard 2016 Flare prototypes with Taty Frans, Remy Vila, Sarah-Quita and Ethan Westera. And also had some action on the Flare 2015.







Day 6:

The last day at the event and again a bummer as I misunderstood the announcement and was to late at the start of my heat. Not very professional to end this event, but these things happen as you are on the beach, making contact with new people and preparing your gear.


I came to Alacati to get more into slalom besides Freestyle. I must say I learned a lot , I met new people and had a great experience. But there will be more training nessecary in the coming winter .  In the end I could turn my 44th place from Fuerteventura this summer into a 33rd place here in Alacati, IMPROVEMENT !!!Now I’m back home for 3 weeks before I fly back to Europa again for the Davidoff PWA Worldcup in Sylt. Freestyle is on the programm there for me. 3 weeks time to start school again and concentrate on the Freestyle-training. Congratulations to the winners Julien Quentel and our Arubian lady Sarah-Quita Offringa .


We had fun !!

Again a big thanks to the PWA-staff, the local staff of Alacati and Pegasus Airlines for organising again a great event. Thanks to KLM for helping out with the equipment transportation costs. Thanks to the Shaka Boutique Hotel in Alacati, we had a great stay at yours. Thanks to my the sponsors Starboard and Severne Sails .

At least thanks to my family and (Face-book-) friends back home and all over the world for supporting me.


Cheers Amado NB-20

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