Martini EFPT, Croatia Aug. 7-10, 2015

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After a day rest and repacking our gear, we hit the road on wednesday August 5th again in our mobile home. With a 928km trip ahead of us, we were glad to have Grandma Helma on board to serve us some delicious snacks and we were secured for a week of good food and good care. Thank you Grandma for joining us on this trip to Croatia !!

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With over 50 tunnels to drive through we arrived around 1900 hrs in Ploce. A small harbourtown where we just missed the last ferry to the island of Peljecak. It was too hot to sleep and therfore I slept on the roof while the ladies were sweating inside the mobilehome.

The next morning we had the first ferry and arrived in the beautiful town of Perna and Camping Perna. We decided to rent a small bungalow there as it had airconditioning !! 😉

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It was windy and Maxime and I went out to train a bit in the afternoon.



Also the Euro Freestyle Pro Kids Tour took place here on the same spot and the same date. It was nice to see the youngsters ripping and looking up to the pro’s.

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Lennart Neubauer, EFPT Rookie and IFCA Youth Competitor



EFPT-crew, judges , organiser and Hugo

16 riders from 10 different countries registered, including 2 girls (Maxime and Jazzy Zwerus from the Netherlands). On the first day the wind picked up in the late afternoon and the Youth division could run their round and right after the first elimination for the pro’s. Unfortunately the wind dropped, heat was cancelled and Day 1 was over.

We had a nice opening ceremony in the evenening on Camping Perna.

Day-2. The wind was light after the 1pm skippersmeeting and we did a towin supersession for the crowd on the beach. At 4pm the wind direction changed and delivered sailable conditions. The single elimination was a go !!



I was on the JP-Australia FS 101 and the Severne Freek 5.2 and it all went ok.

I recieved a nice comment in the EFPT day-report:

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Just when the second round was about to start the wind dropped and with a not very promising forecast everybody had their fingers crossed to at least run 1 full elimination this weekend.

On saturday, the penultimate day of the competiton it was hot again and without the so much needed wind the organisation decided to have another towin show for the spectators. It was fun and lot’s of double moves were execued by all the riders.


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Maxime behind the town boat !

Day 4 , August 10th and the final day here in Perna, the thermal wind did not kick in and insted of a towin show a towin competition was held. After some training in the last days behind the power-boat. All riders had 3 attempts to gain points for the best move.



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Adrien Bosson 1, Adam Sims 2 and myself in 3rd place

A special thanks to Boris Kacan for the great pictures taken during this event.

Also a huge thanks to the EFPT-crew, Marko Mudrocic, the event-organiser, Camping Perna , Surf Klub Tri Strijele/Surf Centar Perna for the great event and hospitality.


At the prize-ceremony !!

On August 11th we drove back to Germany again for a few days of rest and preparation for the next adventure. The PWA Pegasus Airlines Slalom Worldcup in Alacati, Turkey.

So stay tuned, 7 countries, 8 events down and a lot of more excitement ahead of us.

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Cheers Amado NB-20


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