King of Bonaire 2017

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In 2016 Julien Mas from Surfsnb organised this event for the first time.  This year again the Frenchman took the initiative to organise the “King of Bonaire”- event on Sorobon with a final in the waves at Lac Bai.


On Saturday , March 11, after registration the wind was to light but the heats started in the afternoon . Kuma Movie was present to take the pictures and a guest from the USA filmed the livestreaming with his drone. It was possible to follow live via Facebook of Surfsnb and, via the live scoring. Although the internet connection was sometimes to weak , people at home could follow the action.

Drone footage of one of my heats .


Participants, young and old, beginners and pro’s, all could participate. There was a good vibe on the beach. With the support from The Beachhut at Sorobon, Jibe City, Bonaire Windsurfplace, ABKboardsports and Banana River Resort we had food, drinks lycra’s etc. and all a very good time. Profesionals present were Oda Johanna, Dieter van der Eijken, Julien Mas, Youp Schmit, Taty Frans and Cheppie Gustowski. It was a nice warming up for the season. Also it was again good to see that a lot of young kids love the sport and get better everyday. The next generation Bonaire Pro’s in the making !!



On Sunday we had the second run of heats , but unfortunately we could not finish the finals at Lac Cai because of the wind dropping. Scheduled was to start the new week with a final. Monday morning March 13th 9.30 at Lac Cai . No better way to start the week and go sailing.

The semi final was against Youp Schmit NB-12




“DAB” one handed backloop 

And the final was against last years “King of Bonaire ” Taty Frans. It was great sailing and we all could get some good moves executed and important, give a good show.

Video by Kuma Movie :

Losers final Youp vs Dieter  :

Winners final Taty vs Amado :




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The prize-giving was in the afternoon at Jibe City.

1st place / “King of Bonaire” , myself

2nd  : Taty Frans NB-9

3rd  :  Dieter van der Eijken B-35

4th  : Youp Schmid NB-12

5th  : Julien Mas FRA-07

6th  : Stefano Lorioli “Mozza” from Italia



With 2,5 week to go on Bonaire I’m in full preparation for the new season. Already now I want to thank all and especially my (new) Bonaire sponsors for their support to make the 2017 a succes again

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Updates will follow after every event and for daily updates please check in at my Facebook-page or Instagram.




Amado NB-20