IFCA WATERZ Freestyle/Wave Worldchampionship, Denmark Sept. 6-12,2015

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On September 2nd, after spending a week with our good friend Aldair Soliano in Rotterdam and visiting several places in The Netherlands it was time for our next event. This time not in the sunny south, but toward the cold, rain and windy Denmark.

A trip of 850 km towards again a new adventure.

Schermafbeelding 2015-09-12 om 16.44.25

The Waterz IFCA Junior and Youth Wave Freestyle Worldchampionship was held in Hvide Sande. Whe arrived late at night and the next day we immidiately rigged our gear and went out after more than a week of no sailing.


Schermafbeelding 2015-09-05 om 10.03.42

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On sunday we had great session in the waves with Tonky Frans and Davy Scheffers. Registration took place and we celebrated Dia di Boneiru far away from home.

Schermafbeelding 2015-09-05 om 06.18.05

Schermafbeelding 2015-09-09 om 11.30.06

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Monday September 7th the event started and what happened ?? The wind was completely gone. It was sunny and we did some wave-surfing.


The wind predictions were not so good for the week and all hopes were set on the last 2 days of the event (friday and saturday) The organisation was active and organised all kinds of activities.

On day 2 :We visited the Kabel-park and did some kabel-wave-boarding. It was fun !!

water66 water88

A whole new experience.

Day 3 : We had the Game of TRICKS, lightwind freestyle-competition and managed to win without even getting wet, haha.


Day 4 : A bike-tour was organised to the highest lighthouse. Lyngvig. Nature is beautiful here in Denmark and we had another funday.



Tony Frans also present in Denmark as special guest !!

For friday, day 5 wind was expected so everybody prepared themselves to start where whe all came for.

Friday, September 11th. Skippermeeting was held at 9.30 and we could start the Youth single elimination right away. Right after that it were the Junior who where ripping. Unfortunately heavy rainfall stopped us from starting a next elimination and we were of into the hot-tub and a nice meal afterwards to get warm again.



Saturday, September 12th. The last day of the WATERZ-event. The wind was teasing us and by the end of the afternoon we had the prize-giving.


Myself 2015 IFCA Youth Wolrdchampion, 2nd Mats Moyson BEL-159, 3rd Moritz Mauch GER-103 and 4th Mads Jepsen DEN-15


All made possible again by my sponsors !!

Next stop is a week of training and relaxing in Klittmoller, Denmark (North) We rented a house and we will be visiting the PWA Wave event to cheer on my friend Dieter van der Eyken who is competing . After that we will go south a little to Sylt, Germany.  Here the last PWA-freestyle competiton of 2015 will take place and I will also be on the Slalom-list. On Sylt I will meet my parents again after 4 months on the road thru Europe and I look forward to that.

For now we still enjoy every day and every new adventure . Thanks to my travel-buddies Maxime and Aldair !!

waterz team

More news after the Sylt-event but check my day to day updates on Facebook !!



Amado Vrieswijk


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