Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival , July 12-21

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For 3 weeks I could enjoy Bonaire and relax after the 6 events in a row. It was time to switch from foiling and slalom back into freestyle- and ….wave-mode. I arrived on Gran Canaria a week before the event start to train.




The windconditions were awesome and really enjoyed Pozo on and off the water. The Gran Canaria Wind & Wave festival started on July 12th and first the youth competition was started. Great to see how the young kids are ripping and for I saw for sure some future champs jumping and riding the waves.

With no expectations I entered the competition as I saw that the level among the wave-riders was so high, …nothing to loose and just give it all !!


On Day-4 the PRO’s were on and the single elimination started with 15 minute heat duration and 2 Waves and 2 Jumps to count.

I was rigged and ready on the JP-Australia Ultimate Wave 88 and Severne Sails Blade 4.2.

My first opponent was Grand-Guillot and could land a solid backloop, a frontside 360 and a 7.35 double forward. Good start with advancing into the next round.

Schermafbeelding 2019-07-22 om 15.36.15


Lewis appeared to be more experienced as I was in the following heat although i was not far behind and made a real fight for it. A descent  double, a 360 with backside hit and a backloop. It was not enough, but I was really happy with my sailing and positive to do better in the double-elimination.


Schermafbeelding 2019-07-22 om 15.36.31


That day also the women started their heats but the finals had to wait for Day 5.

A BIG surprise was my sister Chanel who came over from Lanzarote where she is doing her internship in management/hopitality. It was great seeing her after a long period and wish her all the best with the remainder of her time on Lanzarote.



Day 5 was even windier. Nuclear conditions and around 1400 the finals of the single were sailed and good to see Brunotti team mate Riccardo Campello from Venezuela winning on his birthday !! After a short break the competition continued with the double elimination.

Opponent Cloarec : It was very close, but had a good waves which gave me the advantage to continue. The next heat was very interesting as I had to sail against freestyle collegue Antoin Albert. I was lucky my double forward right before the end of the heat could give me the win. Super stoked about the result day 5 was over.

Schermafbeelding 2019-07-22 om 15.37.05


Schermafbeelding 2019-07-22 om 15.37.16

Day 6 was windier than ever, the gusts around 50 knots were a real challenge.


My heat against Danny Bruch , a not unknown name in the wave-scene , was predicted to  be my last in this competition. But I was wrong. I sailed a good heat and apparently Bruch did not have his best day. Had an awsome wave-ride which scored very nice and a heat-saver : another double forward. When I came back to the beach I could not believe I passed into the next round.


Schermafbeelding 2019-07-22 om 15.37.29


Josh Stone was this time really a level to high and breaking my footstrap during the heat was a bit frustrating. Luckily JP-collegue Swift could hand me quickly a other board to continue the heat at least. I did not score that bad and it really tasted for more of wave-sailing.


Schermafbeelding 2019-07-22 om 15.37.38


A 13th place for me in the 4th discipline !! Totally happy !!

A huge congrats to Riccardo Campello who put on a superb show in the super-final and keeping his first place. Also Daida Moreno winning in the ladies-devision.

Again a awesome experience and time in Pozo on Gran Canaria.

It will be hard in the future to decide which disicpline comes first…love them all.



On to the next.

Unfortunately the organisation on Fuerteventura switched the order of the disciplines this year, so no slalom this time as I want to be prepared fort he freestyle-competition. It will be 5 hard days watching the guyz racing at the always windy Sotavento Beach. One can’t have it all.

Thanks to my sponsors, family and friends once again for all the support and the perfect gear to do what I love to do !!

Pictures by John Carter @ PWA and Jose Pina !!


Best regards from Fuerteventura