Fuerteventura Worldcup 2014

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Slalom- and Freestyle-action on Fuerteventura !!!


Event-site taken with a drone .

On Friday the 18th of July we took the ferry from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura. One week to go out training for the Slalom- and Freestyle-competition. I was super excited to hear that I recieved a wildcard for the slalom-event besides my entry in the freestyle discipline.

On the 25th of July my 2nd PWA-slalom ever began. The first time was on Aruba in 2011.

In my first heat in round number #1 I  was completely underpowered on my Starboard Isonic 80l and Severne Reflex5 6.2 , but in round 2 I could advance into the quarter-finals. I love the speed and as the event was running I felt more comfortable at the start and with my small sail between the “big guys”.


Check out the video of this heat  by Kuma Movie :www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4tP2ndZZF8

Elimination 3-5 I just missed the 4th place to advance into the quarters but made it up in heat 6. Had a good start and could finish in 4th place behind Mousslimani.


The quarter-finale was hard and I ended in 5th place with a half board length short.


Round 8, heat 4 was my best heat until I fell at the last buyon. Had a perfect start, rounded the first buyon on the inside of a few others and between buyon 3 and 4 I was in 2nd position. Got out of balance at the 4th buyon and crashed. This was a bummer and the end of this slalom competition. Nevertheless I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I ended in 44 th place . In the future I will defenitely train more and compete again for sure.

Click on the link and see the video of this heat : www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJsE-9VAEzU 

Equipment used : Starboard Isonic 80L/107L and Severne Reflex5 6.2/7.3


On the 30st of July the Freestyle-event began. After becoming third on Bonaire in June a lot of people were focussing on me and I felt the pressure to do it all right again here on Fuerte. This was the 4th time for me competing in the PWA-Fuerteventura.

In 2011 I ended in 33th place, 2012 in 25th, last year in 7th and this time in 4th !!

Super stoked about the result, but it was a long and heavy fight , especially in the end.

In the single elimination I could advance over Hibdige K-700. In that heat I nailed the first pasko of the event, kabikuchi and a double culo. My score was 49 out of 60 !!


Next up was Ruenes F-85 . In this heat among a double culo, a pasko I could execute a one handed burner 360.

Again I advanced and my next opponent was Steven van Broeckhoven B-72. He stopped me on a joint 5th place in this first elimination


Not a bad start, but for me it was not enough. I had to do better in the double.

On Friday the double-elimination started but my the day was over before my heat could start. A nice relaxing day , with a bit of training .



On the last day of the competition the double continued and the top 10 had to fight for their positions. I was well prepared and eager to score.

My first heat was against Davy Scheffers H-311. The double culo, the culo into spock and lots of other moves made me advance.

Next up the line was my Starboard/Severne team-mate and friend Dieter van der Eyken.


Also this heat went very smooth and could land a lot of moves which brought me a step further on the ladder . There was not much time between the heats and I started to feel thirsty and hungry but after a quick snack and a zip of Red Bull Taty Frans NB-9 was waiting for me.



The shaka, kono and burner brought me again an amazing round further up. This time the opponent was my other Bonairian friend and classmate Bjorn Saragoza, NB-11.


With enough energy left, I had to fight for the 4th place. The wind wasn’t that strong as before in this heat so it was harder to get my moves right. But I was lucky and had to battle against 5 times Worldchampion Gollito Estredo and winner of this event. My planing kabikuchi, culo, shaka 360 and pasko among other moves were not enough to beat Gollito this time.

Equipment used : Starboard Flare 91L and Severne Freek 4.8-2015 .

I’m superhappy with my result !! 4th place !!


Congrats to Gollito Estredo and Sarah-Quita Offringa the winners of the event !!


Team Bonaire scored once more very well !!

must-see-movie-clapboardReally must see this Event-video !! Click on the link :www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUOB78Rzf1zE7a9d8DNLx6VQ&v=hWhYt4q4Skc#t=78

Thanks to everybody on twitter for giving me the thumbs up, thanks to the Bonaire-team for cheering at the beach. A big high five for the local- and PWA-organisation , the Melia Gorriones Hotel for their hospitality. Starboard and Severne-sails my sponsors. Thanks for the perfect gear . To Petra Etmon and Family van der Eyken for looking after me 😉 and thanks to my WWFF (world-wide-family-fanclub) who was sitting behind the great live-stream pushing the refresh buttons all the time. Haha.

Kuma Movie, John Carter and the man behind the camera of Fuerteventura Worldcup, gracias for the great pics you’ve made !!



My 6 weeks journey has come to an end and I will travel back to Bonaire in the coming days. School starts but you will see me on Sylt, Germany for sure !!

Cheers Amado NB-20

Please find more pictures on my pacebook-page  : www.facebook.com/AmadoVrieswijkNb20


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