Engadin Wind, Silvaplana-Switserland Aug. 14-20,2017

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Engadin Wind 2017 and the anniversary of the 40th Surf Marathon on Lake Silvaplana

On this trip my good friend Ludsoon from Bonaire was accompanying me. We left The Netherlands and spend a few days with my family in Bavaria near the Chiemsee. There we met Ruben and together we drove on awesome roads , through lots of tunnels to Switzerland.

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Amazed by the scenery we arrived at Lake Silvaplana on sunday August 13th.



Lake Silvaplana is a lake in the Upper-Engadine valley of Grisons, Switserland.. It takes its name from the village of Silvaplana. Lake Silvaplana is overlooked by several mountains over 3,000 metres, notably Piz Corvatsch, Piz Julier and Piz Surlej

The lake is also used heavily for sports, such as Kite- and Wind-surfing in the summertime. In the winter, once the lake freezes, it is used for cross country skiing, walking trails, and kitesurfing on snow The rare occasion of black ice also brings ice skaters to the lake.

The Engadin Surfmarathon the Regatta is the oldest still existing Windsurfing event in the world.


On August 14th and 15th the wind was perfect to checkout the conditions on the lake. No salt water and beach this time, but christal clear cold water and green gras on the shore. The Maloja-wind from the south kicks in around noon and I had a some good sessions with Jordy Vonk NED-69 and Marco Lang AUS-66. In the meantime Formula-racing was on.



The Swiss Championships Slalom (73 riders) and Formula started on the 15th, but on this day the sun on 1800 meters was warm and the wind left us chilling on the shore and catching up with everybody.


 Malte Reuscher, Esther de Geus and Jordy Vonk 

On thursday the wind kicked in as promised around noon and Slalom-races started. Heats were packed with 14 riders and top 7 could advance. I had a bad start but could finish in a 5th position into the semifinal. In this heat I was flying on my Reflex8 8.6 and JP Slalom 85 but lost my qualifying position after crashing at the 3rd mark. Result a 23rd place and powered up to do better in the next elimination.



With the wind going up and down between 10 and 22 knots a lot of heats had to be cancelled and resailed but elimination 2 was a go and this time I made it into the final and finished in a good 4th place and a 11th place overall


Right before the skippers meeting on Friday Augsut 18th , the freestylers present at Engadine-wind gave a tow-in show to entertain the crowd present at Windsurfclub Silvaplana. The sun was out and we had a good time with the winch.


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Immediately after the show and skippers meeting it was time for the Foil Exhibition-race.

The first 4 rounds Foil-riders only and could earn myself a 3rd, 6th and twice a 1st place finish.

Schermafbeelding 2017-08-15 om 20.50.59


Using the JP-Hydrofoil 85 and Reflex8 8.6.

After a short break the foilers started the next 4 rounds together with the Formula-riders. It was great to see how much more speed one can have on the foil.


After  8 heats of foiling in a good 3rd position overall behind Costa Hoevel and Cousin.

On the penultimate day the Engadine Surfmarathon was planned, but with the variable wind it was unsuitable to race this 40st Surfmarathon on the Lake. Therefore a legends-race was held on the very old school boards and sails and a few freestyler went out to the windiest corner of the lake to do some freestyle-photoshoot and show right before it started raining and the temperatures dropped.





In the evening the Legend-party took place. All riders took the gondola to 2730 meter high station on Mt. Corvatsch. Dinner, drinks, music and big fun.



Thank you Lutti, Marvo and Pito for traveling all the way to Silvaplana to visit me at the event and having a good time.                               See you all soon again somewhere.

Unfortunately also on the last day no Maloja-wind for the Marathon or some more races, and the award ceremony took place in the afternoon.

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Slalom : 11th place & Foiling : 3rd place

A great week came to an end here at Lake Silvaplana. A huge thanks to Christian Mueller , the Engadine-Event organizers and sponsors.

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Special thanks to Hotel Albana & Lodge and friendly staff for the great stay and hospitality.

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Silvaplana, a destination I will return to for sure.

Pictures taken by World of Windsurf/Ruben Petrisie and Marc van Swoll. Visit my facebookpage to check out the great video’s of the event by Adam Sims.

Next up : back to The Netherlands and to the gym, preparing myself for the PWA-Slalom Worldcup in Hvide Sande and Waterz-event in Denmark from September 9 – 17.



Amado NB-20