EFPT Surf Worldcup ’14, Podersdorf – Austria

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This year the season started in Austria for me. The EFPT World-cup held on the Neusiedler-see in Podersdorf. A huge event with lots and lots of visitors, dance-festivals and activities for everybody on the event-site. My journey went from Bonaire via Amsterdam to Vienna where my team-mate Dieter van der Eyken picked me up. Once in Podersdorf we rigged our gear and registrated for the event , ready to show some well trained moves in the next few days. I brought my Starboard Flare 91 and Severne Freeks 4.8 and 5.3 .

April 25th. This day was cloudy and we had a little rain, no wind in the area. Although we could not compete, the atmosphere was very good and at the end of the day the Chiemsee European Tow-in Championship got started. Being drawed in the first fleet #1 and had to compete against 9 other riders. I managed to land a clean funell into funell and a pirouette at the end to show of. It brought me on stage and gave me a place in the final on wednesday April 30st. The day ended with the riders-presentation in the big party tent with more than thousand spectators.



Action-time in Fleet #1 of the Chiemsee Tow-in competition




Fleet #1  1st Adam Sims , 2nd Tonky Frans and me in 3rd place

April 26th. The day started slowly, no wind in sight. We had a riders-meeting to discuss the future of tow-in judging and the format. This led to a new point systhem for the different tow-in manouvres . We enjoyed ourselves on the event site with the different activities.

By the end of the afternoon another fight for the places in the final of the Chiemsee tow-in competition took place with fleet #2.

April 27th. With the best forecast since the start of the event the skippers meeting was set for 9.30 am this morning with the first possible start at 10.00 am for the freestyle competition. The wind was up and down. Soon after the start of the first heat it became obvious that the conditions would not hold and the day ended again with fleet #3 of the Tow-in. I said good-bye to my grandma who visited me in Podersdorf over the weekend. A huge fan of the windsurf-sport with me as her favourite rider ofcourse. She also travelled with me to the IFCA Slalom Wolrds on the Azores ( see my website for full story ).

April 28th. Day 4 of the event and in the skippersmeeting the dicision was made to temporarily cancel the event due to the light north wind. To keep the riders busy the organisaion managed to set up a spontaneous trip to the Jetlake in the Speedworld, only 25 minutes from Podersdorf. There we had a short briefing and could test some freestyle jet-skis and the fly-board. This was fun !!



Schermafbeelding 2014-05-16 om 21.34.52

During this time dark clouds started to cover the sky and all riders we called back to the event-site as it seemed the windconditions improved very fast. Storm-warnings around the lake started to come on and I and a lot of riders hit the water. But right before the start the clouds AND the wind were gone. Dissapointed !!Off to bed as the skippersmeeting for the next morning was set at 6 a.m. as the conditions were forecasted best early in the day.


April 29th. A very early day, the first heat started at 6.30 a.m. With rather light wind and most riders, including me reached for the bigger sails ( 4.8 – 5.3) My first heat was against the local Austrian hero Max Mattisek OE-97, so lots of pressure, but made it through to the next round against Beholz G-888 and again I won. All moves went smooth and I felt confident. Only Davy Scheffers stopped me for getting into the semi-final by a small difference in diversity.            But I was very happy and satisfied with my 5th place in the single-elimination. Steven van Broeckhoven B-72, won the single-elimination.




April 30st . Amazing weather, no chance to start the double elimination and an incredible final of the Chiemsee European Tow-in Championship at sunset. 10 riders, a high level and a hugh crowd on the shore, and I was one of the 10 finalists. I managed to land a culo but the points which I recieved from the judges brought me in 8th position. Here again Steven van Broeckhoven was the king.



With only one day of freestyle-competition and wind and the spectacular Chiemsee tow-in event, I had to derigg my gear, pack everything up and was ready to party after the prize-ceremony and leave Podersdorf the next morning early to fly back to Amsterdam to meet my mom who flew to Amsterdam with my slalom-gear. Looking back at a great organised event, lots of fun with the other riders, good result and ready to show some action in the next events.

Cheers,   Amado NB-20

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