EFPT Lanzarote, July 2016

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EFPT – Lanzarote, Costa Tequise, Spain 13-16 July, 2016

On July 10th I arrived on Lanzarote to start the EFPT-event at the Costa Tequise. A huge thanks to Tonky Frans and Sara Tojo for the pickup from the airport !! I had 2 days of training before the eventstart. The conditions were perfect. Strong winds and some waves , the excellent spot to have a good competition.



It was an honor to be part of the press-conference together with Bonaire’s very own Tonky Frans who lives on Lanzarote. After the registration the event started . The conditions were radical and everybody was going wild.

airbattle tonky


The 1st single elimination I could finish in 4 th place. It could have been more if I did not rip my 4.4 sail and had to use an old one , my opponent Jacopo Testa was sailing very strong and he deserved to advance over me. In the double elimination Bosson was the stronger one, although I was very satisfied with my sailing. So a good 4th place again.




After being on tour for 3 whole months already it was great to see my friends and windsurf-collegues again. We all had a super time on the beach and on the water. The event-site was very well organized by Antxon from Pro Center Antxon Otaegui.


As the wind kept on blowing we could start a again a full round. This time eager to step up the ladder. I could advance over Cears and Testa in the end into a third place. Against Steven is was a close call for second place but the heat was in favor of  JP-teammate Steven van Broeckhoven.

On Friday the 15th the last and second double elimination was finished. Team-mate Yentel Cears took revenche in a excellent way and took the 3rd spot. A 4th for me again.


Not really happy with the result, 5th overall, but a good warming up for the more important event this coming week on Fuerteventura where I will be attending in the Grandslam. Freestyle from July 22nd – July 27th and Slalom from July 28th – July 31st.

Congrats to JP-teammate Steven van Broeckhoven for winning this event , Adrien Bosson in 2nd and Jacopo Testa in a third place !!

The last day it was fun day. A Super-Cross was organized with 20 participants. I was funny to combine Slalom with Freestyle and we all had a great time. I managed to win, Steven van Broeckhoven in 2nd and Adam Sims in 3rd place.


For sure worth while to organise more often when conditions are not suitable for competition or the time is to short for a next round at an event. It was one of the best events in a long time, looking at the wind and the water-conditions. All was very good organized and we had good vibes on the water and on the beach. As PWA introduced a new rule for the TOP 12 riders only allowing to enter 1 EFPT-event a year, this was my one and only EFPT-event in 2016. Slightly disappointed about that as I was planning to enter in Brouwersdam in October swell. To not miss that event I entered the Fun- Slalom-race for a good cause at the DAM-X from the 14th until 16th october in Brouwersdam


Off to Fuerteventura, off to event number 6 of the 2016 season !! Due to the very nice cooperation of Papagayo Bike , Lanzarote I will be traveling in their van with 4 heavy and fully loaded board bags to Fuerteventura. Muchas gracias Nacho and Cindy. Lanzarote and all the event-sponsors and organizers, thanks again for another great event and hospitality !! Hope to be back soon in the near future. Without Kuma Movie on site we would not have that great pictures. Thanks Kuma !!