EFPT Dam-X event Oct. 9 – 13, 2019

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It was not on my schedule to compete but just visit the DAM-X event due to the participation of several youngster out of Bonaire who came over to cold Holland. But I had a look at the forecast after the Sylt-event I decided to be there on time and try to enter the competition last minute and was accepted.

The DAM-X event always has a great ambiance and it gives me time to catch up with a lot of friends who live in The Netherlands. The spot is perfect so it would become a great closure of the season before heading home to Bonaire and finalize my plans for the wintertraining and relax. 

Wednesday october 9th the competition started with good wind and could make it into the quarterfinal. But that had to wait until the next day.

On the second day the wind was not that strong as I had wished for and Steven van Broekhoven was the stronger one in the quarterfinal and had to take it up against the new Worldchampion Yentel Caers in the „losers-final for 3rd and 4th place. 

That heat went all fine and earned myself a 3rd place in the single elimination. The double started right away but my heat had to wait until the next day and was eager to end the season in style.

Friday october 11th it was windy again and I was ready to battle it out and score for me heat wins. My first opponent was Adrien Bosson who had a great comeback through the double, that was 1.

After that for 2nd and 3rd place Giovanni Passini . Great battle it was.

Than I had to face Steven van Broekhoven again and to win the event I had to beat him twice.

The first final went perfect and gave me that kick to score another good one.

The Super-final was reached and did not want to go for 2nd place so gave it all and although it was tight during the 8 minute heat I could score in the last minute to take the win .

On Saturday , a complete non windy and rainy day I signed up for the tow in, could reach the final with 8 other competitors and  Mattia Fabrizi took the win .

The last day of the competition it was time for all slalom-riders and the award ceremony.

A massive thanks to the family Jendrush and Zeil and Surfcentrum Brouwersdam for the good times and great event. To all competitors and friends for the fun . All sponsors and family for the great support.

Brunotti, JP-Australia , Severne Sails and LSD fins for the excellent equipment . Gear used :


SEVERNE SAILS Fr33K -> 4.8 and 5.2



All sponsors and family for the great support.

Time to go home after 7 months competing around the globe.

12 events, 4 disciplines, many friendships , new memories and a mountain of new experiences.

More in the 2019 summary which will follow soon.

Cheers from Bonaire !! Amado NB-20