Davidoff Cool Water Windsurf PWA Worldcup, Sylt

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Davidoff Cool Water PWA Sylt Worldcup

September 26th – Oct 5th 2014

  The last PWA Freestyle event of the year started on the Island of Sylt on October 26th.

After a long flight via Amsterdam to Hamburg and than onward with the train we arrived on Sylt with the Bonaire-crew ready to give our very best. For me it was the 3rd time I visited Sylt and again the setup of the event on the boulevard was great.




It was nice and windy the day before the event and I was able to test my new wetsuit and ofcourse the conditions on the water.

Organisers and the PWA-crew decided to start the event right after the registration as the wind predictions for the coming days were not so positive. It all started with the wave-competition. With the patchy wind the wave-riders could run a few heats and gave the audience a good show on the inaugural day of the PWA Super Grand Slam.

On day 2 (October 27th) the Freestylers had their skippersmeeting at 9am. We could run a few heats but the wind unfortunately was to light . All sailed heats were scratched, no results because the sailors did not have a fair opportunity to show their level. The slalom-riders conitnued the show with wind-readings between 12-17 knots.


The next few days the waiting game started. No wind, but enough entertainment on the beach. SUP and WIND SUP races were held and we did some trails for the winch-tow in session.




Beacause of my 4th ranking I automatically advanced into the final of the PHILIPS Tow-in Freestyle Night-session on friday the 3rd of october. The Philips-crew added some light into our sails to give a great show for the massive audience on the beach. Each rider had 2 attemps, it was very hard and very different than a tow-in behind a jet-ski. Gollito Estredo was the winner .




Saturday the 4th of October the skippersmeeting was set for 07.00 o’clock. Out of bed early and hoping for an epic action day. The wind picked up at around 9.30 and the competition-area was set up far out on sea to catch the best conditions. My first heat was 9b against Diaz ( V-34 ). All went very well. Very eager to score today I was happy that I advanced into the next round against Soltysiak. I could land shakas, a forward and according the live-ticker a sick air funnel.



Up to the next round against Gollito. This was it…. My moves were excellent, clean landings and full power. Afer the 9 minute heat it took the judges very long to decide. It must have been very close and was surprised and a lot of competitior around the competition area with me, that Gollito won.

I ended in a joint 5th place in the first single eliminaton and was very happy with that. I knew finishing a double was unrealistic, and would not be able to improve myself anymore in this competition.

Super stoked with my results this year.

Bonaire              3rd place

Fuerteventura  4th place

Sylt                      5th place

Overall on 4th place !! (I ended in 2013 in 11th place )


Congratulations to the winner of the PWA Sylt Cup and Worldchampion Gollito Estredo, 2nd Steven van Broeckhoven and 3rd Kiri Thode.

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Congratulations to all the Bonaire-windsurfers ending all-in the top 10

For next year a step up again on the ranking is on the programm, so keep up to date via my website or via my facebook-page : www.facebook.com/AmadoVrieswijkNb20


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The Bonaire crew recieved a warm welcome on Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam by the Tourism Corporation Bonaire (Europe) and also back home on Bonaire.

A huge thanks to my sponsors Starboard and Severne, the organisation of the Worldcup Sylt, The PWA-crew, to my fans and especially to my aunt Pascale , uncle Paul and my parents who came to Sylt .

Next on the programm is the EPFT Six-Four Plages in France at the end of October. And a long winter to train to make sure my ranking will improve once more in 2015 !!



Amado NB-20