Dam-X, EFPT Freestyle, Brouwersdam, The Netherlands Oct. 7th-11th, 2015

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After driving through the night from Sylt , we arrived at Brouwersdam on monday oktober 5th at 6.30 am. It was quite and there was zero wind so we took the day to catch up with some much needed sleep and explored the event-site.


In the afternoon en the next morning other competitors started to arrive and we had a good time together and rigged our equipment. Also family who live in the Netherlands came to visit. In the evening an early registration and skippersmeeting was held as the windpredictions were good for the first and for the last day of the event.

On october 7th, after an early breakfast everybody was ready for action after a long week on Sylt without no wind. The conditions were on the edge and only a couple of heats were run and for media and press a winch tow-in was organised.



The event was set up very well, lot’s of visitors came and although it was cold everybody had fun. This day I said goodbye to my parents who had to fly home to Bonaire again. It was great seeing them on Sylt and here at Brouwersdam.

The next 3 days were not suitable for competiton and a tow-in competition was organised. I did not make it into the final but was happy to see Dieter van der Eijken win the competition as he is (I quote his words) “not a tow-in expert” but still managed to throw some perfect moves in front of the crowd. Congrats !! After the final there was a SUP for charity and a night-session to give the crowds some good times.


In the meantime good times with friends and doing crazy things !!




Sunday, the last day of the event, the wind came and the single-elimination continued .I managed to advance over Moyson, Jendrush, van Broekhoven when the wind dropped.




We waited a few hours and right before the sunset the last heats were on and after defeating Bosson , the final was against Dieter van der Eijken . I felt cold but good and eager to give my very best and I succeeded,


It was a great moment when they announced the first and second place and I was super happy to win the event.



For the first time the EFPT also ran a women-championship and Sarah-Quita was the winner.

Caribbean-POWERRRR !! 🙂


Congrats to Dieter, Yentel, Adrien , the ladies and all competitors.

Thanks team DAM-X for your hospitality and great event, not the EFPT-crew and the photographers, Continentseven, family, friends and sponsors !!

The end of this event means also the end of the Europe-tour Maxime and I made in the past 4,5 months. She will travel back to Bonaire and as her bad *ss travel-buddy , as she calls me, I’m sure she will miss me, haha

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For me the trip continues. First I have to do some personal matters in The Netherlands and will travel soon to the South of France for the last stage of the EFPT in Six Four Plage. (October 29-November 1st)

Stay tuned !!


Amado NB-20