Name: Amado Vrieswijk
Nickname: ….
Date of birth: 23rd of January 1996
Place of birth: Kralendijk, Bonaire
Nationality: Dutch
Occupation: Professional Windsurfer
Residence: Playa Lechi, Bonaire
Disciplines: Freestyle & Slalom
Favourite spot: Sorobon, Bonaire
Favourite food: Chicken and Steak
Other sports: Autocross
Hobbies: My sport
Favourite music: Hard Style
Motto: Enjoy every windy day !! 🙂


My passion for windsurfing started after seeing the “King of the Carribbean” Event on Bonaire in 2002. My Parents rented me a board and a 2.1 sail and I was gone with the wind, ever since I enjoyed my time on the water.

I learned very fast and after 4 months of practice I competed in my first windsurf competition.
I practiced the latest freestyle moves ( Spok 540, Grubby, Flaka, Gehko, Flakka , the forward loop and a lot more) as often as my parents could bring me to Sorobon ( the most beautiful windsurf place in the world – warm shallow water with an (almost) always blowing 15 – 25 knots of wind), Nowadays I still train as much as possible, travel to new places to gain new experiences and meet friends with the same passion !! Windsurfing is my life …

I thank my Parents, sister Chanel, Grandparents and of course my Sponsors for making my dream come true:

Windsurfing  gives me a kick, adrenaline and a sense of the ultimate freedom !