2017-season summary !!

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2017 at a glance !!

And what a great year it was again these past 12 months.

*7 countries
*3 disciplines
*15 events
*2 PWA-slalom finals
*2 PWA-freestyle finals
*12 podiums
*Vice Worlchampion Freestyle
*25th on the 2017 Slalom-ranking
*9th on the 2017 Foil-ranking
**new friends and already eager to do it all over again in 2018.

2017 started with my first trip to CapeTown, South Africa.
5 weeks of freestyle- and wave-training, explore and having a good time with everybody who also
chose to spend the European winter at this great destination.



On my way back from South-Africa to Bonaire I made a short stopover to visit BOOT-exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany. Great experience and a good opportunity to meet new people with the same interest.

Schermafbeelding 2017-02-02 om 07.41.20


Back on Bonaire in March the 2nd annual edition of “The King of Bonaire” was organized by Julien Mas and I could take 1st. place.




In april a new dream came true. After traveling in my golden-oldie campervan for 2 years it was time to switch to a more safe vehicle which also could handle my equipment inside. Thank you  GaiaPro Bonaire for the design and Garage Janssen Wanssum for their support.


After preparing the new van for the season it was time for the JP-Australia Photoshoot on Maui.
It’s always a amazing destination and this year I could even sail on Ho’okipa-Beach for the first time.


from the JP team on the board in Maui, Hawaii (USA). Photo: Thorsten Indra

After 2 weeks Maui,  it was hurry back to Europe and my maiden trip in the new van to Austria for the

IFCA Grandprix (Slalom and Foiling)
EFPT Freestyle.
10 days of wind, no wind and action in the very end of the event.

Result : 1st place in Foil
6th place in Slalom
1st place in Freestyle


foil podium


To not miss my flight to Japan , my good friend David Hart came to Austria to drive me back immediate after the award-ceremony. All the way I slept, back to The Netherlands, repacking my gear and it was of to Tokyo. A first time for me and despite we did not have much wind at the first PWA Worldcup Slalom and foil exhibition, I had a good time and a new experience in a different culture.
Result : 37th place in slalom
10th place in foiling



On May 17th, back to Europe again and together with The Islandboy and friend Taty Frans on the road to Costa Brava for the next PWA Slalom Worldcup. My first final and first time top 16 result . A 15th place in slalom, a 10th place in foiling and for sure a event to remember.



From Spain, back up North again, cruising the 1200km was fun in the new van and made traveling on the road a good time !! Taty Frans flew home to Bonaire but I stayed for my 3rd time challenge “Round Texel”. But while waiting for the event in The Netherlands ,it was windy on Gran Canaria, so Dieter van der Eyken and I decided to book a cheap ticket and had an awesome 4 day trip to Pozo. Double loops and high jumps. It couldn’t have been a better way to spend my time in between 2 events.


Next up 100+ kilometers around the Dutch island of Texel. After winning the Round in 2016 on the slalom board, I challenged myself this year to do this long-distance marathon on the foil. Almost won it, but cramped and exhausted I fell 800 meters before the finish line and finished in a 2nd position. Still happy and it was a good show for many to see a foil for the first time on Texel.



Next stop Bonaire…not to relax but to participate in the Defiwind Caribbean and the Sorobon Masters Slalom- and Freestyle-competiton. Great to compete again on Bonaire and beautiful Sorobon.


Schermafbeelding 2017-06-26 om 09.54.0019417185_1443872999006409_4705198954577756060_oSchermafbeelding 2017-06-25 om 21.05.37
Result : Defiwind Caribbean 2nd place
Sorobon Masters Slalom 2nd place
Sorobon Masters Freestyle 1st place

On July 21st the real-deal started on Fuerteventura with the PWA Grandslam.
9 days of Freestyle- and Slalom-action. In Freestyle it was a close call and could finish in a second place this year. In slalom it was surviving. Howling winds and unfortunately lot’s of injuries this year among my friends, Happy though I could finish the event without a scratch and in a 23rd position.




On to Switserland !! A destination I never thought to visit for windsurfing. Lake Silvaplana, 1800 meters high near the wellknown village St Moritz. Unbelievable beautiful.


The Engadine-event was great. Slalom, Foiling and Freestyle-tow-in show were on the program. Hope to return there again next year.
Result : Slalom 11th place
Foiling 3rd place


Schermafbeelding 2017-08-15 om 20.50.59


In between events I visited friends and hopped with my van from one windy to another place, but on September 7th it was time to go to Denmark for the next stop of the PWA Slalom. Lot’s of rain, good wind and a 23rd place.


On my way back to The Netherlands I stopped at Makkum in the North to visit the “Real Trip”-event. Unfortunately no wind for slalom, but therefore could give a good freestyle tow-in show together with Sara-Quita Offringa, Aron Etmon and Arianne Aukes.


Packing more warm clothes, checking all the gear it was time for the Super Grand Slam on Sylt in Germany. Extreme and challenging conditions, but o so fun. I participated in Slalom, Foil and Freestyle. With a small difference in points missed the title again this year. Let the hunt continue…
Results : Vice Worldchampion Freestyle
36th place in slalom
10th place in foiling





Right after Sylt , the European Freestyle Pro Tour DAM-X event was held on Brouwersdam in The Netherlands. A great spot in the province Zeeland. A bit unlucky with the wind conditions and only a single elimination completed I ended in a 3rd place and won the Tow-in-competition.



With the next and last event of the season on New Caledonia mid november, it was hard to decide and avoid extra ticket-costs to stay in Europe. Didn’t know 3 weeks could take that long. Not that much wind to sail and with the temperatures dropping I was happy to fly to Noumea on the other side of the globe. Long flights and thankful that my mom-manager and grandma joined me on this trip. Wonderfull place, Noumea and great event. Due to some problems with equipment and collisions on the water not achieved the result I was looking for but still very happy with my improvement in the slalom- and foiling discipline.



**********************2015  2016  2017
FREESTYLE                         3rd    2nd    2nd
SLALOM                             35th   35th   25th
FOILING                                                9th

I can say 2017 brought me great results, new goals, friendships and experiences.
A major part thanks to my great equipment by sponsors JP-Australia , Severne Sails , Brunotti and LSD-fins.
>Thank you “Bonaire-Sponsors” : Digicel Bonaire, Sorobon Beach Resort, The Beach Hut, Crooij and Flipse insurances, MCB-bank, Caribbean Homes Bonaire , Akkermans Auto Supplies B.V., Karel’s Beach Bar and Tourism Corporation Bonaire for the financial support.
>Thank you event-organisers, all photographers and film-crew for the great pictures, video’s and memories.
>A big thank you to Ron Janssen and crew of Garage Janssen Wanssum for their service taking in my packages, new equipment and storing my van during the winter.
>To my family for their endless support where ever on the globe I’am
>Last but not least, my followers and fans. Thanks for the messages and interest in me and my windsurf-passion.


Amado -NB20