2013 GP JOULE Windsurf Worldcup Sylt

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When the PWA Dam7 Worldcup was over I spent a few days with my friend and Severne and Starboard teammate Dieter van der Eyken. We went out into the cold waters a few times and made a really nice video . (will be published soon )


From Belgium I visited some family in the Netherlands and on the 25th my grandpa and I left by car for Sylt. The last stop of the PWA-tour 2013.  After a 6 hour drive in a fully packed car we arrived in                                           Hamburg to go with the car on the train to the island of Sylt.

( as you can see –see license-plate- my grandpa is a huge fan )


Day 1. Registrationday and flag-parade !!


Day 2. Sunny skies but unfortunately no wind !!


Day 3-5  Slalom-time and unfortunately not enough wind for freestlye.

But than finally it was action-time !!


Day 6.  After 5 days waiting it was time to hit the water. It was bittercold , with temperatures of 4-6 degrees celcius. Although I was freezing and did not feel my hands and feet anymore at times,   I achieved my highest finish to date on the PWA World Tour . I managed to sail myself into joint fifth by defeating Christofer Kalk and Tony Mottus. Tonky Frans proved to be to strong for me. Super happy with the result I was ready for the double-elimination.

Day 7. Today in the double elimination Anthony Ruenes advanced by way of a 2:1 decision in his favor against me and it put me in 9th place. Top 10 was my goal, Top 10 it is !!!

After that the most exciting heats were on. I went out on the cold water with Kiri’s spare equipment. He had to compete against Steven van Broeckhoven in the super final to become Worldchampion Freestyle 2013. It was great and emotional to see my friend make his dream come true. Kiri Thode, NB-61, Worldchampion, that ment PARTY !!!



The last 2 days again not enough wind and so the event in Sylt came to an end.

Summary : Starting the 2013 PWA Tour in Poderdorf-Austria I was standing in 27th place on the ranking list. Now at the end of the season I can say I’m super proud to stand in 11th place overall. This result pushes me to go a few steps higher next year !! I was honored to be the PWA Youth Champion 2013 and receive my first PWA-trophee!!


After gone for 5.5 weeks everybody was happy to return to Bonaire again. Bonaire did great again this year. Most riders are in the top 10 !!



Once arrived on Bonaire, we’ve recieved an amazing welcome.


You can find video’s and foto’s of our arrival on my facebook-page:

See : https://www.facebook.com/AmadoVrieswijkNb20

I want to thank my sponsors Starboard , Severne and Caribbean Homes , my parents, my family and everybody who supported me in the past season.

The coming months I will prepare myself for the next season and have to focus again on school. I’ll keep you all up to date !!



Thanks and cheers

Amado Vrieswijk